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Classic Models GB  

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Proposing the Classic Models GB

Models from an earlier time when kits were simpler, and a kid could buy a kit with the money made from mowing a few lawns. The GB will feature kits made in 1980 or earlier. Matchbox, Monogram, Frog, Airfix, Heller, Hasegawa, Guillows, Strombecker, Hubley etc.

Build them OOB with tube glue and brush paints or detail them out the wazoo and show off just how great some of these old kits really can be.

Many of these old kits were based on prototypes and guesses, and / or included the option to build variants that never were, so what ifs will be allowed.

Rule #1; remember why most of us started doing this in the first place, no not the glue fumes, because it was FUN!

Other rules

Kits must have been first issued in 1980 or earlier. A re-issue of an older kit is welcome as long as the date the of first issue was no later than 1980.

Aftermarket and scratch building is allowed.

Major conversions may require approval (rough rule of thumb, ask first if 50% or more of the kit is being replaced with aftermarket / scratch built detail).

What ifs are ok, but must be based heavily (50-75%) on a qualifying kit.

Any scale

Any subject

Any brand

Any material, but must be an actual kit*. Stick and tissue, metal and plastic, vacform, wood and of course styrene all are welcome.

*If anybody wants to go seriously old school and build something like a wood Strombecker kit the use of duplicate wood parts based on the originals would be acceptable as the originals are quite collectable and expensive.

If we can get the qualifying 25 votes, I'd like to shoot for the January-June 2016 or March-Sept 2016 time slots.

Vote early, vote often. :woot.gif:

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This is much of the Revell/Monogram catalog. I'm in!

I have these on the shelf.

P-39 1969

B-17F 1978

B-17G 1975

B-29 1977

B-52 1968

B-36 1980

Fokker DVII 1958

B-26 1978

F-4 1979

Me-262 1978

B-25 1977

F-100 1980

F-5 1978

P-61 1974

F-102 1958

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And, if you're having problems finding a suitable Classic Model for this GB, take a look at Round 2 Models, the home for new production of AMT, MPC, Polar Lights, Lindberg, and Hawk models.

No financial interest, but I do have a jones for GA and early aircraft.

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Right up my alley. I have a Hawk U-2, Airfix Banshee, Monogram F-105G, Revell A-5D,

or maybe do another Revell C-130 or re do my first Phantom II from the late 60's.

Been on the Phantom II kick lately, might just pick up a Revell AIR COMMANDO F-4C.---John

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and then there were 2...

The lines are open, caller 25 will win fame and fabulous prizes

Ok maybe not fame but you will have the knowledge that you were that guy who got us that last yes vote to get this thing going. As far as prizes go.... well I've got an old tube of chap stick around here somewhere, I think it only a has little bit of lint and cat hair on it (the cat likes the flavor so tends to keep it clean they only way cats can... :blink: )

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The two fellows from Australia did such a fine job running the Matchbox GBs some years ago. They would make great mods for this one, but I haven't seen either on ARC in some time. Can't even remember their names. Thommo and Johno?

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