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Morality of Hunting and Sport Fishing

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MODERATOR!! Where are you today?

Thread started at as an anti hunting and fishing theme, and of course drew both sides of the argument. Then a page or so back somebody injected his view of politics, but most people didn't bite on the bait. (I knew better) Then we see it evolving into even more politics as well as religious view points. This thread is virtually destroyed and should be trashed before the next world war breaks out!


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Gee, I learned something today. Ooolong the rabbit, the one who was in the original memes, died on January 7, 2003. Take a moment and remember Oolong, a rabbit that was never hunted. So that has at least a vague connection to the original posting.

Sooooooooooooooooo. Massive thread drift into hostile waters. Oh dear. Welll, it's lockdown time. Oh, and as a reminder, please use the "Report post" button, as we don't always lurk here 24/7. I mean, I'm trying to install another cupboard in my house to appease SWAMBO, and it's not going as quickly as I'd have liked. But I digress. Thanks to the un- named individual who DID hit the report button, it really does make my incredibly cushy and well paying job here much easier!

Alvis 3.1

ARC Moderation team Bunny Wrangler

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