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2015 Nats Release

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Here are the sheets that I will release at the U.S. Nationals of the IPMS:

Sheet 72-082. First subject on this sheet is the CAG bird from VFA-143 in 2014. The entire tail is painted medium blue with the “Pukin Dog” insignia on it. An A-10A from the Dogpatchers at Barksdale follows. This particular jet is named “Daisy Mae.” The Rooks supply the next subject an EA-18G from VAQ-137. The diving eagle of the 194th FS, California ANG is on the tail of the 4th subject a F-15C. Last but not least is a RB-57-A1 “Heart Throb” of the 7407th Support squadron at Rhein-Main AFB during the heart of the Cold War.

Sheet 72-083. The first subjects on this sheet are a choice of three (3) F-16C’s from the Flying Tigers. There are enough markings to complete two (2) jets and you have the choice between a line jet, the 74th FS commanders and the 23rd WG commanders aircraft. An A-1H of the 602nd SOS with a black bottom follows. This aircraft had fading artwork simulated by laser printed decals for its name; “Bubbles n Bust.” The squadron commanders aircraft of VFA-103 from 2014 is next and carries the “Mutha” title on its tail. From the aggressor world is an A-4M of VF-126. Going back to Vietnam, a F-100F with grey tail codes and used as a Fast FAC aircraft follows. The sheet is rounded out by an ES-3A from VQ-5.



Sheet 72-084. This sheet starts of with one of only four (4) A-1E’s that carried the Tropic Moon LLLTV pod. A photo of the pod is included in the instructions. Options for two F-105D’s are next. The first is from the 23rd FTW with the silver lacquer finish and black tail codes. The second one is from the 18th TFW. “Bat Girl,’ a B-26K with artwork follows. The next F-105D is “Memphis Belle II.” The Marine jet on this sheet is an A-6A from VMA(AW)-533 at Nam Phong RTAB in 1973. A YC-14 in SEA Camouflage is the last subject.

Sheet 72-085. There are two F-4’s on this sheet with the first being a F-4G from the 39th TFS at George AFB. A F-35C from VFA-101 is next. I somehow missed placing the Buno. for this aircraft on the sheet and it will be provided at a later date. The 20th TASS flew the O-2A which is painted in a non-standard Euro scheme and the next subject on this sheet. The second Phantom II is a F-4E from the 512th TFS and it carries a large sharkmouth. The EC-130E of the 193rd SOW follows and the modeler has the option of three (3) paint schemes for the same aircraft. You can build it either as it was painted in its early and later career. The last subject for this release is a CIA P2V-7 otherwise known as a RB-69A.

These sheets retail at $18.50




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Thank you for the Pa ANG Hercs. Over 30 years I have had a update set for these aircraft and 24 years waiting for decals for these aircraft to come out. Just a little while longer to wait.

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I'm really happy to see Barksdale 'Hog 105 make it onto a sheet. I got this great photo opportunity in March, 2006. I bought the car new in 2004 - and it was one of the very last C5's built. I took this at the Space Coast Regional airport (across from Kennedy Space Center) and had waited to get some video of "The Startfighters" demo F-104 taking off. I was one of the last guys leaving - saw the 'Hog sitting there - and realized I'd never have a better opportunity. Got some great shots - this was my favorite.


The 74th was my old A-10 Squadron - and they transitioned to the Viper after Desert Storm. I built this Tamiya 1/32 kit with TwoBobs decals - and it'll be nice to add a 1/72 Viper to the collection as well.



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Mark, lots of excellent schemes there! Always happy to see some B-57s and F-100s especially.

Minor comment: that A-6A scheme dates from 533's Iwakuni Japan period (1969-72) in between their two Vietnam deployments. That one is somewhere around 1970-71. By early 1972 (into 73) they were using the large white hawk on the tail with the striped blue rudder.

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Mark, I can't thank you enough for catering to the 1/72 guys. It's always us who are begging in vain for the 48th goodies to be resized and released in our scale; it's kind of nice having the shoe on the other foot, for a change! :lol: B)

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Mark, I can't thank you enough for catering to the 1/72 guys. It's always us who are begging in vain for the 48th goodies to be resized and released in our scale; it's kind of nice having the shoe on the other foot, for a change! :lol:/> B)/>

+1 :thumbsup:

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