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I am currently building an A-6E Hobby Boss and I am wondering if some of the first upgraded A-6A-to-A-6E had the same cockpit panels than the A-6A.

If I use the one from the box I see the Flir screen but there was no Flir turret in 1976 on the version I have chosen. Is it possible that the first upgraded A-6E had the Flir screen without the ball turret ?

Even the little plate that was supposed to replace the ball turret under the nose till it is available, is not present in 1976 on my A-6.

Here is the one I am building :


could someone provide me with some pictures of the first A-6E cockpits (that could be similar to the 1976 version I have chosen) ?

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,


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According to the Warbird Tech Grumman A-6 Intruder book by Dennis Jenkins the A-6Es had several minor differences between them, including instrument panel. The very first A-6A converted to E was 152907 and came off the mod line on April 16 1973. After the first Es the next was the A-6E CAINS - Carrier Airborne Inertial Navigation System that added a scoop on top of the fuselage near the tail. Now whether 152908 got the CAINs mod or not, is unknown.


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Two other items, one is certain the other not as dependable.

A to E conversion added a ram air scoop on the left aft fuselage for avionics bay cooling.

The less dependable is the removal of the air brakes and covering with a solid panel (no holes)

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Actually, not all E models had the solid panels. The A models that were converted into E's had the fuselage speed brakes bolted shut, and the holes either left alone, or plugged shut. :thumbsup:/>

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Your bird is an A model. First fleet deliveries of TRAM Intruders were in 1978

Hi 1to1scaler,

no it is well an A-6E in 1976 (converted from an old A-6A) see what I found on this site:


A-6A Intruder 152908


*1967: Delivered to the US Navy.

*1967-68: VA-115 as “NE-510”.

*Upgraded to A-6E.

*1972: VMA(AW)-224 as “WK-13”.

*1974: VMA(AW)-224 as “WK-00”.

*1978-79: VMA(AW)-224 as “WK-00” and “WK-350”.

*1982: VMAT(AW)-202 as “KC-xx”.

*2/12/1982: Crashed into the Okefenokee swamp, FL.

in the Hobby Boss box we have all the parts to build an A-6E or A-6E TRAM (with Flir turret and dedicated dashboard included).

of course I took the A-6E non-tram dashboard for my 1976 version.

I also removed the little plate under the nose which is supposed to replace the Flir turret when the A-6E is not yet a TRAM.

on the picture I got, the nose was like for the A-6A, without this plate.

thanks everybody for your feedbacks.

best regards,


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