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I have built tons of models mostly tanks and planes but I have a few cars I want to do up right and have a bunch of questions like replacing the tires and rims on a Pinto (1/25), does someone make photo etch door hinges (that work) for modern type cars, making seat backs fold forward and so on.

So any recommendations on a forum or place that may have the answers??? :deadhorse1:

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Are probably the three main ones. The first two are forums for established, US magazines so tend to skew US and muscle-car-ey. The latter is more European/Japanese in content. There are also a bunch of niche pages depending on what, specifically, you're building (1/43 cars, NASCAR, F1, motorcycles, etc. etc.)

http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/forum.php is also worth a look, mostly for the scratchbuilt, large scale masterpieces.

As for hinges... Not sure if there's anything specifically for doors out there. They'd be a little delicate to engineer in scale, given the weight and construction materials. Aber does a set of hood hinges that may be adaptable, but they're *incredibly* fiddly to use.


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My favorite, which helped me IMMENSELY when I was building the Possum Van a decade ago:


Just scroll down and you'll see it. These are guys who take a camera when they go to an auto salvage yard the way we take one to an airshow, seriously!

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