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Hello !

Now two other photos:



And now the photos where i marked the changings, that i made:


1. added the sensor on the main rotor (completely missing in the kit)

2. corrected the frame of the window, in the kit the clear part begins under the frame of the copilots door

3. scratched the sensors on the nose (left and right, completely missing in the kit)

4. changed the tires (had some left of an Jayhawk 1/48 kit)

5. added bolts made of superglue with an toothpick to this heat shields

9. corrected the copilotsdoor, with cutting out a part and addding a clear part


6. scratched some parts, to match the sliding door mechanism better

7. added sensor on the pilots upper window

8. molded the parts for the Pop up floats with putty


10. added tail light, moulded wth superglue

11. added this antenna


12. took some clear part or the lense of the SX-5, to make it look like more realistic

13. corrected the angle of the stabilizer of the endplate

Greetings from Austria


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Your job is outstanding. But this kit...imho is not a dauphin. I don't recognize the elegance of the Eurocopter's jewel. The windows are not correctly sized (right side of the chopper, they used a mix between standard N3 windows and the HH-65's ones), the front nose is too thin, moreover take look at the landing gear tyres in the real one and in the kit: they are simply oversized! I just don't like it. And i'm really "sad" because i've been waiting so long for a bigger dauphin. That's life!

In the image below you see the dauphin we use for HEMS.


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Just finished a build review for IPMS USA on this subject. I am not an expert on this subject but it is a nice looking kit but I am not sure where or why Tumpeter did some of the stuff they did....I wish I had the time to do the corrections that BK-117 did, very impressive!





Rotor droop too excessive


Mod so rotor can rotate, kit had very shallow guide, poor design


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great looking model but whats up with the blades..Wow, Trumpeter messed up on this one..Didnt they?

Winder if they did a 3D scan while the blade tie downs were still attached.....then again you would not stress the blades that much!

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I like it how it turned out - although I think the kit decals are certainly a weakness of this kit. My decal sheet for the HH-65 kit will be available in early January:


very good news


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