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Thanks for the congrats, mates!

These pics are showing the signining lines for a revetting job.They are 90% correct.

Stay Tuned - more pics to come next week.



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Great work so far! However, it does remain a mystery to me why no other aftermarket resin company (besides of course Attic, which needs to remain in the attic imho) has tackled the Pelican/Jolly Green Giant in 48th? With its' USAF, USCG and even foreign operators, it should be fairly popular. I still have fond memories of the old 72nd Revell version, that along with the CH-54 Tarhe were staples of my early kit building!

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I have been away from this forum for a while, but was pleasantly surprised to see your build thread!  Remarkable!  I love the USCG livery and have long wanted todo an HH3F  conversion!  Your step by step thread is the perfect guide!  I too have only1 Hasegawa kit.  I have attempted to get an Attic Resin kit without success...  Funds are non-existent currently to purchase a second kit.  I look forward to additional updates!



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Thanks mates for your comments.

Here is the last addiction, the Quickbook seats. Much better than original....

I'm very slow on this project since I would finish some more in order not to have a lot of opened projects and boxes around.... time to time something new is coming out ....



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Dear Don,

many thanks for your comment.  Sponsons are from Attic conversion. I saved them from trash can since they are still workable (not 100% accurate). You can see the new rear edges I made making them sharper.

I made those holes for made them lighter in weight.

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Since the Attic lower part of the fuselage is not straigh I must use the kit piece, a piece of plasticard and only the very rear part of Attic resin conversion. I add some plasticard pieces for strengh the entire piece. I used CA glue with Soda Carbonate for gluing the interiors. It is very strong.

20181029_201905 - Copia.jpg

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The HH-3 rotor head differs from the Sea King one. No folding blade capability and some "weights" are added. I added some plasticard pieces and sandpapered to the wanted shape. 


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