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The rotor head will receive some improvements about the brackets, adding some holes and adding putty where the blade is connected to the main structure of the rotor (see the red arrows below).


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Hallo Maurizio, amazing work, if I can suggest something to you I will check the shape of the radar antenna, the “ball” going out from the cylinder in front the seat on the left. That one it’s not centered mounted, but it’s shifted, on the support, down and on the left (looking forward) tho allow the operations of the battery compartment. 

Attached two picture of the antenna that I made for my 1/48 HH-3F




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Hallo Maurizio,

talking of the radar antenna, pay attention to the lower window, in the Hasegawa kit and on the Sea King without the radar it has a different shape (as highlighted in red in the picture),  it’s larger and specular to the right lower window. Instead, in the radar equipped helicopter, the window has a smoller shape in order to make room for the antenna support.

As I said before, amazing work.



P.S. if you need information fell free to ask me, I have tons of picture and information about the Pelican.


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HI guys, many thanks for your posts. Now I'm focused about the rear ramp and the side APU blge.

The front bulb radr is off-set glued even if not so evident. I'm going to tale care of it in the next stages.





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