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I jumped into this project last Spring, and it's almost done. Kept meaning to post pics, but only getting to it now.

Only real option for a kit is a long out-of-production release almost as old as I am. Paid a pretty penny for it on eBay, but it was worth it in the end.


Here's the part I LOVE...the original buyer left the receipt in the box. Purchased 18 January 1975, just after I turned 4. Paid $2.70 for the whole thing!!!


The real beauty is, it's older than the Dukes of Hazzard show itself...so all my life, even from the very first episode I ever watched as a kid, this kit was sitting somewhere in a closet....just waiting for me! :rolleyes:

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Still took a TON of body mods. Jesse's truck had no trim, no décor,no nothing. So it all had to be filed, sanded and Dremel-drilled off.


I'm most proud of the grill/headlights. I'm still finishing up the clear resin headlights I cast, but you can see how I removed the chrome (bleach), drilled out the lights and carved out the whole grill. Did the same thing with my Possum Van back in the day.

Blinkers are clear resin poured right into the drilled-out opening, sanded and polished, then masked for painting.




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Everyone knows Jesse had a CB radio (they ALL did!), but the antenna on the cab is easy to miss. But it's there; I checked very carefully in so many episodes, it's there!

So I had to scratchbuild all of it. Actually I made 4 CB's for interiors of different cars; all made from Evergreen plastic. Cord is a fine strand of copper wire from an old lamp cord wrapped and wound around a .040 brass rod then spray painted black.




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Almost done! Finished the clear resin cast headlights, with metal foil on the rear side. Everything's done except maybe just a little contrasting shade of dirt spray on the underside, and of course the license plate which will hopefully arrive in a few days (see the Dukes license plates decal post).

Rear view mirrors are also scratchbuilt; wrong style with the kit. Same with the back bumper.






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The flatbed isn't usually visible close-up on the show, so I based it loosely on the pickups I saw during 3 years living in a farm community in Kansas.

Almost there!



Bottom needs some more contrasting dirt color besides the one already lightly oversprayed there.




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Hi Andrew, Excellent job on this build! :thumbsup:

What paint did you use on the body?

How did you go about the weathering and the rust on the chassis?

BTW I'm a member on Hazzardnet.com and go by the user name 'Boss JD Hogg' there.

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Hey, kewl, I just signed up over at Hazzardnet as Andrew D Charger Chaser. :cheers:

And, thank you! The body is just satin white out of a spray can...think it was RustOleum. Didn't use a gloss since I don't think there was EVER even an inch of gloss anywhere on it. Just really seemed to capture the look better, I think.

Rust was a mix of Model Master Rust with Euro I Gray (more convincing shade of Rust than out of the bottle IMO), dabbed and dry-brushed randomly over the likely spots. Then a light misting spray of Armor Sand behind the wheels, then even lighter over the whole chassis, and up the sides of the truck.

I just got the correct license plate decal and will have that on shortly. After that I'll be adding a darker shade of earth for some more spray on the chassis behind the wheels, and some drybrushing there as well.

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Well, I've been working on and off for some time on a General that hopefully will blow most people's mind. That's the only one I'm doing the open engine bay for; no sense in my mind to do that for any of the others.

Besides the ambitious General build, I've started cutting off a lot of molded-on detail on a Dodge Monaco to do a Sheriff's car. If I can get the right grille somewhere I'll do it as a Plymouth Fury and it will be Sheriff Little's from Chickasaw County. Either way when I do Rosco's I've got a 1/25 Basset Hound figure I'll paint as Flash to go in the passenger's seat. :coolio:

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Nice job, the work on the grill is super! I wish trucks were still like this, I've got its 2010 descendant out on the driveway right now and I'd much rather have the bed rails at mid chest height rather than nose height. It sucks to have to lift stuff up over your head to get it into a pickup!

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