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Sharknado 3 and Lavalantula on SyFy tonight

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I am a fan of classic AND cheesy Creature Feature movies and novels from way back. As many of you know, the SyFy channel has gotten the public's attention over the past few years by marketing Science Fiction/Horror movies featuring increasingly ridiculous premises...stuff like "Mansquito" and "Dinocroc," and of course the more recent "Sharknado."

Sharknado is so ridiculous that you can't even suspend belief like a traditional creature feature, yet it became a pop-culture phenomenon, so much so that Sharknado 2 was made, which included a bunch of cameos by celebrities. Well, Sharknado 3 is now out, with an encore presentation tonight on SyFy. Again, a bunch of cameos, including Mark Cuban as the president and Ann Coulter as VP. Even Bill O'Reilly was asked, but he turned them down, and joked about it last week on his show.

Following Sharknado tonight will be Lavantula, about and invasion of fire breathing spiders spawned by an erupting volcano.

So, if you are interested in a few laughs and clean mindless fun, tune in. Everyone involved in these projects is laughing at themselves as much as we are laughing at them.

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My daughter (16) and I have a good time laughing our butts off at those movies. We stayed at the Cabana Bay resort last year for our vacation to Universal Studios, she got a big kick out of seeing the place attacked by falling sharks. Some of the cameos she had no idea (Anthony Weiner) while some of the others I had no idea who they were but she did (drunk lady from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills???). Good stuff.

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looking at the promo clips .. I didn't even bother with either............... BANGHEAD2.jpg

Well, you have to have the right mind set. They are not for everyone. They are as stupid as can be, but that is what is fun about them.

Best line in Sharknado 3 was Ann Coulter as VP, when she said something to the effect of, "I have empathy for the sharks, but they are ruining America!"

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I got into Sharknado 2 about 15 minutes after it had started. Watched it

until the end and decided I would just rather bypass #3. Put my DVD of

Battle of Britain on instead.



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Haven't seen the Sharknados, but I'm a connoisseur of bad sci-fi. Recently had my ears perked by the incoming Japanese live-action Attack on Titan movie (because it's not weird unless it's Japanese weird), featuring a Gulliver-gone-mad premise of giant humanoids that devour the smaller normals for whichever needing-to-be-revealed reason. It's based on an animation series which itself is based on a Japanese comic book series. I made the mistake of watching the first few episodes of the animation series, discovered it actually had plot, dialogue, and character development, and got hooked into it. I've heard the animation series described as the Japanese equivalent of The Living Dead.

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Ahhhh, Sharknado 3. How could you go wrong with:

-Mark Cuban as POTUS

-A Phantom (named "Bessie" mind you)

-Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano

-Chris Jericho

-A "classified" space shuttle


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