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Everything has been found and sourced. Many thanks!

Hey Gang,

I'm looking to procure parts for a 1/48 B-29 build. I'm looking for any the following items:

- 1/48 Monogram B-29 - Not picky about which boxing but Must have good kit decals.

- Squadron Vac canopy set for B-29

- True Details B-29 wheels

- True Details B-29 Props

- KMC B-29 Props

- Microscale 48-45 B-29 sheet - partial is ok, I'm specifically looking for markings for "thunderbird"

I can pay with paypal or usps money order.

thanks for looking!


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Thanks for bringing up the subject. While i am sure you can get a pretty decent B-29 going in 1:48 scale i would like to take the opportunity to share some insight about the "all new" Metallic Detail sets from Ukraine. I just got a set from them in 72 scale and they were expensive. The seller lowered the retail from $35 to $30 on ebay. I managed to haggle with the seller so i got it for $25. Thing is the upgrade parts are not made of resin i`m afraid. Looks like some cheap polystyrene plastic same as in the black molds from the old Airfix kits. The quality of my set is of course much better than what was made in 1960 but i have to say that those Wright 3350 powerplants are a mess. They do have some detail on them but you can see their efforts could have been much better. The engine cylinders have what i would refer to as fingerprint patterns cast on them! As for the exhaust pieces they look much better. And i`m sure the p.e. wheel bays go together very well, just keep in mind that this is not all what it seems to be. All the plastic parts were also very lightweight, another indicator this is not made of resin.


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