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I have a few kits that I would like to trade, but I might be willing to sell also. All kits are 1/48 except where noted, complete and unstarted. I would like to keep trades in the continental US.



My disposal:

21st Century BF-109 F2/f4 1/32

21st Century Corsair F4U-1A/D 1/32

Accurate Miniatures SBD-5 Dauntless

Hasegawa F6F-3 Hellcat package (Obscureco Corrected Cowling, True Details cockpit, Squadron vac-u-form canopy)

Hasegawa Henschel HS129B-2

Hasegawa F-104S

Hasegawa Hurricane MK.IIc

Hasegawa J2m6 Raiden

Hasegawa P-40e Warhawk

Hasegawa F/A-18C Hornet & F/A-18E Super Hornet VFA-115 Eagles History (3 kits) 1/72

Hasegawa Su-27 Flanker 1/72

Tamiya Me262A-2A

DML Ho229A-1 Horten Flying Wing

Eduard Heinkel He-280 V3

Amtech TA-183 Huckebein

Classic Airframes Lockheed Model 14 Hudson MK.I

Here are some kits I am looking for:

Kitty Hawk Jas 39a/c Gripen 1/48

Kinetic Amx 1/48

Eduard Spitfire MK.VIII 1/48

Hasegawa xf5u-1 flying pancake 1/72

Hasegawa N1k2-j Geroge 1/32 (prefer early version)

Hobby Boss A-6A 1/48

Airfix Dornier Do-17 (new mold) 1/72

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