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X-acto swivel knife..

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I am looking for information on the X-acto Swivel Knife 3421.


How is it to work with and control?

Any other advice would be appreciated.



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I used this several times and did not find much control over the cutting. Now please season this statement with the fact that I have been using a stationary blade for decades and this was the first time that I had used a swivel knife. I was such a rank amateur and the blade was really sharp and I ended up slicing my finger tih the darn thing. My best advice is to be careful! I hope this helps!

Best Regards,

Ken Bailey


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I didn't get much in the way of rotation from this thing, either. But, this could be my problem.

As I now have a Silhouette Portrait cutter, my need for such an instrument is greatly reduced...

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Depending on what I'm using it for, I prefer the Gyro-Cut tool. Nowhere near as dangerous.


+1 for gyro cut....I tried it at Nationals and was greatly impressed! I brought one home and have been using it to cut camo masks...


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A couple of decades ago I bought the X-Acto circle cutter which included the swivel knife. I found it invaluable for taping off canopies, etc. At one point I had trouble finding blades and wound up buying a different brand at the local art supply store. Both work well but the key is getting familiar with the tool and practice. You'll wind up having different applications and techniques depending on your subject. Saw the Gyro at the Nats but didn't buy as it might be clumsy for small canopies but I'd like to give it a try. I can see how the Silhouette would be great for decal fonts or camo masks but you won't be able to put a model through it. It all depends on your application.

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