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First forray into building a ship kit. I was able to procure the Tom's Modeleorks pe set for this and boy is it tiny. Not sure what all I'll be able to do with it but will try. Hopefully the 1/43 scale formula 1 cars I've built will help but this is small even by their standards.

So being that today is the 70th anniversary I figured I'd start. Just got the preliminary hull pieces together. Fit is good and will need mild sanding to remove the glue residue.

I also started drilling out the portholes. Looks much better if not time consuming.




I don't really like the pe instructions so I'll have to look for builds online to see how everything is supposed to be shaped. Specifically the radar array and some other things.

Will probably take my time on this one due to the size and I have other things going.

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Good on you for going 700th, I love ship building, but that is too small for my legally blind eyes! I don't know if will matter much in your scale, but is 359th I've found when drilling portholes, it's better to place a piece of stock painted black on the inside to keep from seeing light from the other side. What I actually do is to dab a thick wash into each porthole to simulate, and that has the bonus of being able to pull the wash down when it's dry with a q-tip to ad a subtle stain.

I've always found that most directions for ships are well, at best, guidelines (to quote Pirates of the Caribbean). I usually spend a few days planning out the build, what plastic needs to ground off, what PE goes where, what would be best to build first and such. Most cases, ships are best built like a cake, bottom to top, and inside out. For instance, my Warspite build will start wi path the mid ships superstructure, the fore and aft, BUT, the fore and aft will build up a level at a time. Lots more planning than aircraft as you can see, but that's the fun :woot.gif:

BTW, the main deck on a ship is the 01 Level, everything down is a deck, everything up is a level. For instance, the hangar on a carrier is the 01 Level.


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Got the Academy 1/350 kit today as well. So much bigger! Still going to work on the 1/700 first. I got all the holes drilled out and first round of sanding done at my club meeting. May get some more work done tomorrow.

Probably won't starts the 350 anytime soon I've got 4 builds going right now.

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Small progress of an infinitesimally small nature.

Portholes all drilled out and minor sanding accomplished.


Added some more pieces parts, drilled some more portholes. I left the top piece unglued so I can paint underneath it hopefully.



Then because I was feeling particularly insane I decided to work on some of the life rafts. Drilled out the plastic, cleaned it up with a file. Then added the pe netting at the bottom. This took about an hour and I only got 6 of them done. Plus I knocked one off and onto the floor so that was a good ten minutes looking for it.




Time for tequila.

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So is there a good reference for colors of various things on her? I'm going to do late war before she went down so I know I've read that the camo changed. I've been looking at various builds mostly to see where the railing all goes and such and they all seem painted differently.

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I smoked a 9 pound picnic shoulder, bone in a few weeks ago for pulled pork, my wife was walking the dogs later that night and said she could smell oak and pig 3 blocks over. Right now I'm doing an 8 pound turkey breast using cherry.

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So I've fought with the pe catapult and have decided I won by decision. But it was a close fight for sure. Cat is made up of 10 pe pieces and I think I got some of the catwalks crossed but whatever. Like I said earlier the instructions leave A LOT to be desired especially when dealing with things this tiny.




I saw Ant Man this week and boy would I love that suit for this. Would make it a lot easier. Anyway I'm close to throwing some grey primer on this too see what it looks like and also to get some parts grey. I'm still not real sure on the paint yet and will probably just use what the kit instructions say. Tamiya kits are usually pretty decent about that.

Assembled one of the planes and the 3 main guns as well. Not much to see there.


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