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I have completely stalled. Need to paint it. Not sure how. I may end up doing a lot of it by hand with a brush. Not sure that's optimal though. Railings ladders and stairs are my biggest worry.

The little lady who this was being built for has been born though! Saw her a couple weeks ago.

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As far as the railings and ladders, mix elmers and water, 50/50 in a beer bottle cap, the drink the beer while using an old brush to apply a little glue at a time, letting it wick along the bottom, an inch or so at a time until it's all the way fastened. Once it's dry, apply one more coat all the way along, just to firm it up. Do the same with the ladders. The plus is elmers dries flat, and it gives you time for adjustments. If there are railings that have lots of angles, fold it all first, then work it into position. There are a millions techniques, but that is what works for me. As far as painting, I prefer to build and paint in substructures, then attach as I go, think of it like a cake. You can see how I did that in my WIP. Some people prefer to build then paint, but I find that is WAY to much masking. I don't worry about minor mistakes, I can tell you from experience, paint on ships is far from perfect, so to me, minor mistakes and touch ups add to the realism. 1/700th is too small for me, so good on you for tackling it, I can't wait to see some pictures! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'm no pro, but I love building ships.


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So it's been a long time coming with no updates but I'm happy to report that the ship is basically done. I have to decide if I want to dirty it up or leave it clean. It's going to go in a case when I find one so it won't be closely scrutinized. Painting the deck by hand was awful. Missed a few places but overall I think it turned out ok. Not sure I'll do something this small or ambitious again. 











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Also added the flags hopefully they stay. Not really sure how you were supposed to do these. 






Final pics later. 


Little Aly-gator is over a year old now. And Alfred Morris her namesake is still with us as well. Not many survivors left. 




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