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West Coast Air / Harbour Air decals

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Hi Everyone.

I'm happy to announce that Canuck Model's has reached an agreement with Harbour Air / West Coast Air, operating out of Victoria BC, to produce a set of decals for their fleet of DHC-6 Twin Otters.

These schemes (shown in attached photos) are produced with the airline's permission and will be based off of original art assets that have been provided by them as well.

This will also be Canuck's first civilian subject decal set and will be intended to fit the Revell (Matchbox) kit.

Our thanks go out to Harbour Air, and more information will be made available in the next few weeks once the print artwork is underway.





[edit] - Wasn't sure if this should go in the Props forum or the Airliner forum, but as it's a commuter airline, I put it here. Mods, please feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place.

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Topic sits quite alright here :thumbsup:

And even though I'm sitting on the other side of the globe from where this subject matter stems, I'm tempted enough to watch this unfold. I got two Matchbox kits in the stash and am thinking that building one Maldivian example should allow for a second... "cooler" one :)

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