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What is the best T-38 , 1/48

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Well, there are some offers in 1/48 of the T-38 Talon.

I would like to know What is the best 1/48 kit of the T-38 Talon A,B,or C, specially regarding the accurate dimensions

and "area rule" correctly shaped.

I saw some time ago that one of these kits would have wrong dimensions and fuselage/canopy sills wrong angled so I

am trying to find the best kit.



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Definitely Wolfpack. Trumpeter totally screwed the pooch on theirs.

Ditto!!! Wolfpack IS the only game in town. Don't care WHAT Finescale says in its review. The Trump kit is what you buy and build for your 6 year old to play with...

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Skip Fujimi, Testors, Academy and Trumpeter and get the Wolfpack model. It's a very nice kit.

As well as the Sword - to skip, that is.

And if your're not familiar with Scalemates ... it's a good site for finding reviews, accessories, and lineage of kits..

Gene K

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