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Time for my other B-25. I am going to re-do the one in the left of the photo below. I made many mistakes the first time including using the wrong variety of B-25.

So.......redo it.


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A little more.....

12 pennies in the nose. This one is going together a lot better then the last one.


That is it until Thursday next week I think. Maybe a little Sunday.

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Yep, It was a classy scheme all right.

Kind of like it in the black instead of the silver. Hopefully THIS time the red does not lift off with the tape. But red is easier to fix then the silver.


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Looks good Shawn. What about spraying the red over the silver instead of over white next time? That's what I do when I spray the red on my Sabre builds; MM Red enamel over Alaclad II. I've only ever a had a problem once with tape lifting the Alclad and that was because of a boner I pulled with the primer. Of course, that's presuming you Alclad and MM enamels.


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Mike, this is the best luck I have had with red. At least it was repairable without noticing. Silver always seems to lift on me and I never get the repair right. Actually this time I ran out of Alcald. So I mixed a couple different model master silver that I have laying in the paint bin. Seems to have worked.

As for sleep, sure could use some. Working 8 out of 9 days , 12 hour shifts right now. Day 8 tomorrow. Then off and hope to finish Wednesday.

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