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SAAB Gripen canopy huge crack

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So I got the very nice lookin Gripen from KittyHawk, however the exitement was short lived .

I noticed this crack in the canopy

the outside surface feels smooth so I cant just fill it with future like I normally would.

What you see in this picture is just a small portion of it , there is a simular crack on the other side. The front windshield is just fine though so it's just the rear part.

I've emailed KittyHawk but from what people tell me i should not keep my hopes up for a response.

So what do I do next. I don't wanna bin a 50 dollar modell and having a cracked canopy is not optimal to say the least. I found aftermarket for the singleseater Gripen, but this is the two seat B/D modell.

Anyone out there happen to get a dubble set of glass in their kit, or have a Italeri Gripen canopy, I plan to have the canopy open so the fit does not need to be perfect.


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have you check with your local distributor? I got mine from squadron here in the US, and both of my gripen single seater canopies are cracked. I think its due to the way they are packed tightly into a small box. Anyway I called squadron, and receive my replacement in a couple of weeks

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We don't have a local distributor. I had to get this one off ebay to get it at all.

There is one store that get's KittyHawk modells, but they are no distributor as such.

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