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Steam Submarine - HMS K26 1/350 scale

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My model of HMS K26 - the last of the class of steam powered submarines launched during WWI.

I converted it from the Mikro-Mir 1/350 scale kit of HMS K4 - by lengthening the hull by 11.4mm and scratch-building a new raised casing and bridge.......


The bow was also altered to make it taller - using Milliput to get the basic shape.

The WIP is here

More photos of the finished model......








Comparison between the kit (K4) at top and my conversion (K26) below - note that K26 is longer by 11.4mm.


Now - anyone got any plans of HMS X.1 ??


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I'm in the final stages of producing a book on the K class and would like (With reference to you) to make use of the models. Would you be happy with me using them or would you rather I didn't?


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Be my guest Andy....


If you PM me you email, I'll send you them in the original hi-res size - let me know which ones (I've done K4, K-12, K-22 & K-26)........





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