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where is the LEM Eagle, still in space?

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where is it, does it orbit the moon or earth?, could we get it someday and put it in a museum?

The Apollo 10 vehicle is only surviving ascent module that went to the moon. It is in solar orbit. The ascent module for Apollo 11 fell out of lunar orbit at an unknown location. All the others have impacted the moon. More info at: Wiki LM page

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The decent stage is still on the moon, and if I remember right, the ascent stage burned up over the South Pacific, but I watch baseball and don't have time to look that up to be sure between commercials :woot.gif:/>.

Never mind, that was Odyssey that burned up, duh.

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It impacted on the moon after jettison from the command module, impact site unknown. The only ones that didn't crash into the moon were Apollo 10 which is in heliocentric orbit and Apollo 13 which burned up in our atmosphere.

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