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New Fightertown Adversary Collection

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Doing things a little differently around here these days. Going to a large format sheet and multiple subject sheets. And since we're launching a new series of 3 adversary sheets, why not start off with a Tomcat heavy sheet first.

On sale Sept 1, this sheet covers F-14A, A-6E (metal and composite wings) F/A-18A, F/A-18E/F and EA-18G.


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Wow looks great. You know Brian, anytime I think of Tomcats I think of Fightertown Decals. I wonder why that is :) I had the Testors kit of the Tomcat when the novie came out but it is long gone now. Would be nice to finally do one of those along with a black F-5E.

Speaking of which I see you are still having some issues with your web site. I would like to order some of your old sheets but I cannot seem to get past page 1. Do you have a listing of what is still available or will your site be up soon?

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Thanks for the 'likes'. If I count right it's 27 jets total. A few of them are the same jet but with different markings/numbers, plus the bunos for the additional Top Gun movie jets.

And I just found an error in the title of the sheet. It should also include the F-14B that TOPGUN had for a brief time...


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OK, two questions.

One, if this is the first sheet, which units/squadrons/aircrafts the other two will cover? Any chance to see some "old-school" Scooters and Tigers from the 80s / 90s?

Two, do you plan to produce these 3 sheets in 1/72 also???

Thanks in advance and GLAD to see that there is still interest for some Adversary decals sheets!!!

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