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The Plastic Surgery Group Build

The Plastic Surgery Group Build  

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Here is what I am thinking:

Any scale, genre, medium, realistic or whatif... scifi even fantasy or a complete scratchbuild.

The project it has to involve some sort of surgery: at a major conversion, kitbash of 2 or more kits or a scratch built addition to a kit.

This would not be a simple resin pit, PE set or engine mounted onto a standard kit.

This is a good chance to try out some surgery and create something completely different.

I'm thinking of a January or March 2016 start

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That's exactly what I am doing with the Testors and Revell 1/48 F/A-18 Hornets to make the prototype TF-18A. I started it back in July, 2012 and haven't gotten very far. I am still no where near to getting it done. I was away from the hobby for a while and slowly getting back into it.


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I've been that road (in my pre-CAD days) and done that, and boy... did i make WIIILD things with parts like you have no idea !! :)/>/>/>/>/>

I would usually use one of my own extra model kit products, chop up any part that was an incomplete casting (say half a fuselage because i ran out of resin during pouring, etc), or just chop up some extra casting i didn't need, and use it to design the front section of another spaceplane. So i've done some really wild conversions, like widening the fuselage of a whole large size kit to make it into something else, thickening it, etc, plus lots of elbow grease to sand all of that with a big bad 40 grit sandpaper, and of course lots more work with finer grains of sandpaper plus plenty of spray filler, all of that to make another version at a different scale (since the previous kit was at a size (but different scale) that was close in size to the new version i wanted to do. It worked for me. In some cases to make things more clean, i would even make a fiberglass mold and then make a copy to get the final part i wanted and do the fine-finishing.

Basically since i have designed many resin kits over the years, after a while you realize that you have in your hands a whole catalog of parts that can be used to build something new when combined together in a different manner so that i wouldn't have to spend as much time designing a new tooling completely from scratch. But that usually involved cutting parts. If it did not have the right width or thickness, usually plastic sheet glued to the part would do the trick.

One of the wildest conversions i made if not the wildest was to use an old polyester resin casting (that's very good for this type of job), build some walls around part of it with styrene sheets directly glued to the model with cyano, and use Klean Klay to fill any gaps in the walls. Pour more polyester resin through the top (not all at the same time, as this resin shrinks and the new pour might deform the model if i poured it all at once, so i would do it in several sessions). I would then sand the heck out of it to get the proper curves and blend everything-in. The end result is strong because polyester resin will stick well to itself if you took care to sand the surface of the part with coarse sandpaper before doing this. The downside is, it takes forever to sand and generates lots of irritating, acid, and toxic, fine resin dust. In my case it was the way to go (and it was very cheap to do) since i already had old polyester castings in hand. But later on my methods changed because i had no time to waste and i would use a different technique such as use plenty of Bondo and cross-section walls and go almost directly to fiberglass molds to save lot of time (since Bondo is sands much faster than very hard material like polyester resin), and that way I'd get a final fuselage final tooling in my hand in 1, 2, 3 days rather than in weeks or months.


Stratosphere Models

Email: stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr

Website: http://www.picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels

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Although I keep my conversions to simple things like making a recon Foxbat out of the interceptor version by cutting off the radomes and attaching a resin recon nose etc.

But a mate is working on heavily modifying a 1:72 matchbox Lancaster kit to make a Manchester.

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Yes dude! YES!!! Question; would it be limited to real world subjects, or could we go all zombie planes on this. I've always wanted to do a post war apocalyptic a/c that's been patched together from different subjects, something like an F-16 with a pair of A-10 engines grafted on it.

It would be a cool way of getting some value out of trashed builds! Either way, I'm in.

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Oh sure...... NOW you suggest it..............


LOL.. yeah, a day late and a dollar short!


I've checked this box, have no intention of going back and doing something similar! Nice idea for a GB though, hope it catches on.

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Awwwww ok

Don't let a few naysayers get you down :) I'll be honest, it's hard work and can be a major PITA at times, but if anyone has a project in mind that they have been pondering for a while, this would be a great reason to start it. You do get some good rewards for the time and effort invested.

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Here is one I did (mostly, it has been on the shelf of shame due to a move and lack of gettingbacktoitivnesss). A WW2 US Navy fire truck based on the Tamiya LRDG Chevy truck. Converted it from RHD to LHD, swapped the wheels with a GMC 2 1/2 ton and built a fire body for it.


Here is a current project. Started with a wrecker kit, swapped a Caterpillar motor for the kit's Cummins and scratchbuilt the tanker body. Still have a way to go on this one.


This is what I'm going for.


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