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The Plastic Surgery Group Build

The Plastic Surgery Group Build  

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Office Supply Build. That's one I never head of before.

yes, it's a pretty fun concept. You have to use mostly things you'd find in an office or around a home office. Pens, containers, computer parts etc... You can use model parts but the majority of the parts have to be found objects or scratch built parts. A great way to practice using your greebly skills. :woot.gif: It's pretty neat when you start looking at how many different wild shapes that something as simple as a pen comes in these days.


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Plastic surgery...hmm my Su-27KUB comes to mind, started years ago and since progressing in small steps. I started with a Italeri Su-27K and took out the big saw, completely reshaping the forward fuselage with side by side cockpit, thermoforming a new canopy, add larger wingspan and double slotted flaps and the list goes on...

Not sure if a model that far ahead would still count in, but the group build would sure be motivation to get her done!

other surgery projects in the pipeline would be:

- Heller 1/72 Mirage IIIE converted to Swiss Mirage IIIC, that involves chopping out a section from the fuselage to make it shorter. Then rescribing, adding specific Swiss weapons

- Would you count cutting up wings of navy aircraft to show the wings folded as plastic surgery qualifying for participation? There is a EA-6B Prowler calling...

Sure sounds like a great idea!

Cheers, Andy


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Hello! Did somebody mention plastic surgery?


Normally I'd be super stoked to participate in this, but sadly the ongoing renovations of the Alvis Abode (under direct supervision of Mrs Alvis) is keeping my model building time somewhere near zero.

Best of luck, I'll be eagerly awaiting the results!

Alvis 3.1

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Hm, I have a conversion kit to make a bomb truck out of a 1/48 Tamiya CCKW. Alternately, I could make a V-tailed Lublin R.XIX (1932), or provide cockpits for those 1/48 Hawk Golden Age racers.

Any of these fit?

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If there are saws, scalpels, putty and luck involved.

Hang on, the Czech Model Grumman Goose I'm currently building meets that bar. Throw in Evergreen plastic, copious amounts of fitting and filing, miscellaneous other scratch building, as well as some colorful language, and it will be done. But hey, I'm only trying to build the model using the bits they provided. I suppose that's key, for this GB it needs to be different from what the kit was intended to build.

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