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Anyone who knows me knows that I love loser cars, obscure cars and just plain weird cars. If it was a failure, flop or just ugly and reviled, chances are good that I’m going to want a model of it. Sometimes, though, you just can’t win. Some things there just AREN’T models of, or if there are, I haven’t come across them.

It’s at times like this that I’m really thankful for die cast replicas! There are some truly odd diecast cars out there, and I can’t help but think that this one, the VAZ 2101, known to many as the Lada, is among the most weird and loserish.

I dug this little beauty out of a flea market about a year ago. Check out my 1/43 die cast Lada taxi and tell yourself that this isn’t something you’d like on your shelf beside your Franklin Mint replicas!



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This is not a taxi, this is a militia (police) car. This car was made in my home city - Saratov. There were many more. Here is an article in google translation


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Thanks a lot for the correction and the link!

I love that taxi!

Russians make exquisite die cast vehicles. My brother got his hands on a Chaika (excuse the spelling if it is wrong) limo made in Russia. It is so deluxe it makes Western die cast look like junk. Even the chrome trim on the sides is real metal, separate pieces! Amazing!

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