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Dear friends,

with the last day of the GB my A-4E is ready. I have to admit that the Hasegawa A-4 is more work than i expected.


Steven R. Grey was not flying the 150000, his first cruise was on the Bonnie Dick in '67.


The gun camera is missing in the kit and was scratch built. Gun pod Hasegawa, barrels Quickboost.


150.000 is now in the paint shop. for the Grey and White i use Testors (latest rumors say that there is no longer an importeur for Germany), love that! For base coat i used Revell's old color, which was one of the best to get. Unfortunately they stopped to sell it for long, but i recently could purchase one ... and cracked the glass.


The interior is now ready to go. Do not forget the lead weights.


The O2 hose is scrath built from guitar string. The original diameter of such hoses is 32mm, so use something like 0,66mm, i did chose a 0,76 string. I do not have a solution yet how to hang up the canopy ... Hasegawa did not do well here.


My after market list is now complete:

- Quickboost 48-496 Escapac 1G-3 seat (this is the latest version of the seat)

- Quickboost 48-222 A-4 gun barrels

- Eduard 48-FE273 A-4E/F interior

- Eduard 48-EX023 A-4E/F masks

- Eduard 48-648214 A-4E/F wheels.


Also i will add

- LAU-10 out of Hasegawa X48-2 weapons

- Mk.4 HiPeG out of Hasegawa X48-3 weapons

- HGU-26P w. MBU-12P out of True Details 48-48546


The Rampant Raiders went 8 times to Vietnam. With the Skyhawk they had many 1sts and so have been the losses. Together with the Hanna, the airwing 21, VA-212 was disbanded in 1975.

Flown with the VA-212 Rampant Raiders from CV-19 USS Hancock with CVG-21 "NP" this aircraft did not survived for long, on 27.06.1966 it crashed during accident, pilot rescued.


The Hasegawa kit 48-09399 contains decals for this aircraft.


Oh no, not another Lady Jessie? No, at least not at this time. I rather would like to complement the GB with Skyhawk S/N 150000.

Sorry for any errors in editing this stuff, i'm not yet in training with this html dingeldangel.

Have fun and thanks for stopping


Edited by Goggo

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