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Question about the Academy 1/48 F16

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30 08 2015

Hi Lancer


Is there an aftermarket option?


Yessir, There are options. If you go with the MCID (big-mouth) intake, you'll also need the GE exhaust nozzle. You can get an Aires exhaust nozzle at Sprue Brothers. As far as the intake, there used to be a company called Seamless Suckers. You might be able to find one on Ebay, as the company is long out of business. I know that Zactomodels is working on an MCID intake for the 1/32 scale Academy F-16 kit. Hasegawa and Tamiya make kits with the MCID intake and exhaust nozzle. You might be better off taking that route. Good Luck!!!

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The Academy 1/48 kit is NSI , so PW engines/exhaust.

I believe Seamless Suckers (SS) in too long out of business and theirs resin set was for Hasegawa F-16's, but since the Academy's F-16 is almost a Xerox from the Hasegawa kit it would works.

Take a look at CMK : http://www.cmkkits.com/en/detail-sets-accessories/index.php?fSort=3&fSeries=0&fScale=16&fNationality=0&fEra=0&fMaker=0&from=170


Some of the NEW Tamiya F-16 kits have both inlets in the box so I think it will not difficult some another modeler negotiate the parts You need.


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Unless you *have* an Academy kit, I'd just get a Hasegawa or Tamiya big mouth kit. That particular Academy kit dates back to when they were ripping off other manufacturers' tooling... badly. It's based on the Hasegawa kit, but with soft details, worse fit, and terrible, useless decals. By the time you add up the price of the Academy kit + resin intake and exhaust, you're going to be most of the way to a much, much better Hasegawa kit. Or better still, a Tamiya.

Actually, even if you have an Academy kit, I'd get a Hasegawa or Tamiya big mouth kit.

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