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DEROS-Date of Expected Return from OverSeas-

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My 1/72 T-28D is done!



That looks so much different than the colorful trainer aircraft version. Its neat to see it with the underwing stores. Kudos to you for adding the interesting figures. The guy in the back seat really brings a unique touch to the build.

I read somewhere that the North Vietnamese captured one of these aircraft, and used it in the close support role. I wonder what that one looked like?

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Looking good Guys and Gals. Keep up the good work! We have a little over a month and a half to go, so keep them rolling along the assembly line. It doesn't look good for me finishing my F-4B. Had a project for a friends Christmas gift for his uncle. As long as I am getting paid for it I have to take it.

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My 1/72 Monogram SR-71 Blackbird. This was one of the Habus that participated in the reconnaissance missions over the whole South-East Asian region during the Vietnam war. Done completely out of the box; Tamiya rattle-can black TS14, with Testors Dull Cote finish.






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I think everyone know Itar and his wonderful stories from the time when he was serving in Vietnam. I´m VERY proud to show you the M113 that belongs to some of these stories, "Devils Disciple". Ikar was nice enough to provide me with a set of self-made decals, and I´m forever grateful for these!

Bob, I hope you like it!





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