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DEROS-Date of Expected Return from OverSeas-

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1:72 Mistercraft MiG-17PF finished. Decals are mix of Print Scale and spare Fujimi decals.

Overall Humbrol 11.

24717617719_2be575f205_b.jpgMiG-17PF-42 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

25085285525_44b2977cde_b.jpgMiG-17PF-43 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

24967107442_90b3d4f635_b.jpgMiG-17PF-44 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

24717578809_fb46fa42a1_b.jpgMiG-17PF-45 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

24454570714_5e1fbb3e72_b.jpgMiG-17PF-46 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

and that completes my contributions to this Vietnam group build.

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Good job on the A-1s, I always liked colorful markings.

It's nice to see a Navy Skyraider that doesn't have the bee on it. There were so many other squadrons that flew over there it's refreshing to see somebody else's unit.

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Another one slips in before the deadline. :whistle:

Academy 1/72 F-8E Crusader in Superheat 210 markings, as flown by Dick Bellinger on his MiG killing mission.


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That one came out looking real good. I used to see them come in once in a while from wherever they had been. Fun to watch, even though they were Navy. A nice change from cammoflage.

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Well, a bit too late, but I finally finished my 3 MiG Killers in 1/72 scale. Thanks go to Gianni (kurnass77) for the kindly donated missiles, and to mr. T. Sculton for providing me with the unslotted stabs for the F-4B. I'll present them in order of their kills.

First up, an F-4B in VF-21 markings, deployed on the USS Midway in 1965. Sundown 102 shot down a MiG-17 using an AIM-7 on June 17 1965, while on a BarCap mission. Crew consisted of Lt. Jack Batson Jr. and LCDR Robert Doremus. Hasegawa kit, IPMS USA 2011 Nationals decals were used, along with kit decals and Microscale roundels. Outer wing pylons are from Hypersonic Models. Loadout based on a photo of a VF-21 plane on that cruise.





Next up, an F-8E in VF-162 markings, deployed on the USS Oriskany in 1966. Superheat 210 shot down a MiG-21 using an AIM-9 on October 9 1966, while on a TarCap mission. Pilot was Cdr. Dick Bellinger. Academy kit, IPMS USA 2011 Nationals decals were used on this one as well, along with kit decals, Microscale roundels and tailstripes. Loadout is based on the artwork in the decal instructions.





More in the next post.

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And finally, an F-4J in rather famous markings, but slightly different. A VF-96 jet as deployed on the USS Constellation on its 1971/72 cruise. This is the unit in which Driscoll and Cunningham achieved ace status by shooting down 5 Vietnamese planes. Usually you see builds of Showtime 100, which they used to get their 5th kill and were shot down in, but I built Showtime 106. This one shot down two MiG-17's on May 10 1972, while crewed by Lt. Michael Connelly and Lt. Thomas Blonski, both with AIM-9's. Hasegawa kit, Wolfpak decals, kit decals and Microscale roundels. Outer wing pylons are again from Hypersonic Models. Loadout is a normal air to air loadout, with only 2 AIM-9D's, as they were in short supply sometimes during those days.





Thanks for watching.

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Pete,you'll be proud of the works for this GB;the Intruder,the crusader and the Phantoms are all fantastic,I continue to love how your panel wash turn out on LGG painted birds ( I remember also your Cutlass and other subject like the Raven,even if the latter isn't paint in LGG).

Great shots mate!


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