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Let me first say I'm in no way, shape or form affiliated with Masterpiece Models.

Masterpiece Models has a bunch of 1/35 Vietnam river boats and watercraft. They are a bit on the expensive side....BUT NEAT! Just thought I'd share.

Masterpiece Models Website

1/35th Scale PCF “Swift Boat” – $179.99

1/35th PACV – $189.99

1/35th PGM 5 Command and communication boat “CCB” – $199.99

1/35th PGM 5 ZIPPO – $199.99

1/35th PGM V Armored Troop Carrier “The Tango” – $199.99

1/35th Program 5 MK 49 Monitor – $199.99

1/35th Assault Surface Patrol Boat “ASPB” – $179.99

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A little comic relief....for when you glue the part to the cutting mat instead of the model....Rockin' ya from the delta to the DMZ....damn jackknifed water buffalo's...that's a joke? Right?!...Maybe...I get it.....Vietnam Police Action Group Build :P

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Here are three North Vietnamese MiGs I have built in the past.

1:72 AZ Models MiG-17F Used the kit decals.

14330083913_5034eb4b21_b.jpgMiG-17-31 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

1:72 Fujimi MiG-21PF. Used Begemot MiG-21 Part 2 decals.

11077562683_f344bed658_b.jpgMiG-21-41 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

1:72 KP Models MiG-21MF. This was their Vietnam War boxing of the kit from about 2010. Decals were kit decals. Missiles are a mix of kit and parts from the spares box.

16370917062_f33a1140ee_b.jpgMiG-21-42 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

So thats what I've built in the way of MiGs from the Vietnam War. Now we just need a few more to defend against the hordes of Phantoms, Skyhawks, Intruders etc.

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I did this ACH-47A some years ago. The 1:72 Italeri kit:



An 1:72 AC-130H, the old ESCI-kit:



The Italeri-model:



AP-2H, scratchbuilt out of the Revell 1:72 kit:


Guess that this one would count a bit as "What if"... ;)




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Thadeus' thread about the F-100F had me looking into the use of AGM-45 Shrikes.

I haven't seen a picture of a Wild Weasel F-100F with the AGM-45 on it. No surprise as they were highly secret at the time and they only had them from April to July 1966.

Something that struck me when looking at the pictures again is that the AGM-45 seems to have been mounted directly to the outer pylon of F-105's.

There is a launch rail between the pylon and the missile of A-4's and A-6's pictured with AGM-45's.

There is also a launch rail on the EF-4C inner pylon when carrying a Shrike.

Am I seeing that correctly on the F-105?

Does anyone know if there would have been a launch rail on the F-100F? Or would that also have had the missile loaded directly onto the pylon?

Cheers, Stefan.

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Airfix C-130 converted into a AC-130H, 16th S.O.S.


Hawk H-43 Pedro:




Security Police Law Enforcement fence check:




M-151 Security Alert Team, Air Base Defense section:



After Adrian came Dave Rabbit a few years later. I was never able to get a clear signal from his show buty I got lucky when I found a guy my wife was working with had a copy of one of his shows. He ran an underground, anything goes type show each night that lasted long enough to take up four CDs.

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Now it sounds funny, but I think there is a certain kind of truth in many of these things mentionend... I think its common knowledge now that many of the men that served took more than happy memories home with them as people like me (never BTDT) would think about...


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we thought it was kind of clever back then. That's one of the reasons I kept it.

I have scrap books loaded with articles I cut from the base and S&S pacific edition papers about the war and a couple other events.

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last night I stumbled on an old pocket catalog that they used to include in the model box. It shows the price of you kit back then was 2.00.

They also showed a armed Huey, not a hog, and a rescue Huey for 1.00 each.

For the water people, they carried a River Assault (RAG) boat for 2.00 and the Swift Boat and a Vietnam Command Junk for 3.00 each.

The B-52 was the most expensive at 15.00.

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What year? The B-52 must have been 1/72, had it back in early 70s, was

a monster, HUGE box. I also had an armed Huey, ARMY, had quilting on the

bulkhead by the "occupants" benches in the back, as I remember.---John

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It's hard to say, the 52 kit came out in the late 60s but the presence of the Junk and the other brown water boat would make it about 1968 or 69.

It shows the Apollo Saturn 5, PS193 for 6.00

Boeing SST for 1.00

Panzer4 & Flak Panzer for 3.00 each

Phantom Huey PA226 for 11.00

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Taking a small hint, a small war story:

The bunker guard..

One night we went on alert and all the posts were getting manned, even some Tiger Flight didn't always take care of.

They dropped a guy off at a bunker near the entrance to the ammo dump and he ran into the bunker to get set up. As the truck started to pull away, the guard came running out and turned his M-16 to full auto and burned off his first clip of 20. Immediately the posting truck stopped and everyone got out and deployed around the area s best as they could.

As it turned out, he forgot something they tought us in combat school back at Lackland, Medina, and Camp Bullis: Never get into anything over there without looking.

It seemed when he ran into the bunker, he tripped on a 15 foot King Cobra. He wasn't hurt but shook up a bit.

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a lot of inspirational models!

Like many others in this GB, also I've some Vietnam War kits in my stash but for now I want to do other statement except that my first build will be the Trumpeter F-100D in 1/72nd.

I will post some of my previous 'Nam build.

Trumpy 1/72 A-7A VA-147' first combat cruise.


Italeri 1/72 F-4S converted to -D model 555th TFS/432nd TRW,Udorn 1972


Hasegawa 1/72 F-4J "showtime 100" VF-96,Uss Constellation 1972


Trumpy 1/72 F-105D Thunderchief " Memphis Belle 2"


Hasegawa 1/72 RF-4C 14th TRS/432nd TRW 1972


And from previous GBs:

Fujimi 1/72 TA-4F H&MS-11,Da Nang,1969


Hasegawa 1/72 F-4B VMFA-115 , Chu Lai, 1968


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Nice looking planes and decals. Who makes 1/72 decals for F-4J Phantom

in VF-142 Ghost Rider scheme? I have a feeling the only ones are the old Superscale

or Microscale.Thanks---John

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