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I have been a member here for some months, but this is the first build I have posted on here. I have been in a rut, a modeling purgatory so to speak. While I have many projects going along at some point of progress, I haven't actually completed a model 100% all the way to the shelf since early March. So I need something simple, something interesting, and most importantly, something FUN! This kit will fit the bill on all 3 fronts.

So without further ado, here is the obligatory box shot.


This is the 1983 boxing, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that the decals are still usable. Back at the first of the year, I did Tamiya's Ki-84, and was thoroughly impressed with the relative ease of build and end result. Not exactly shake-and bake like their P-51 or Wildcat, but still, it was a very fun kit. (Warning, shameless plug of a prior build)




This Rufe kit is of the same pedigree as the Ki-84, and I am looking forward to putting her together.

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Thanks! I was rather surprised how nice it turned out, considering my skillset.. Or lack thereof?

Started tinkering on the Rufe tonight. Put together some sub-assemblies. Here are the outrigger floats and main wing assembly.


And some fishing weights gorilla glued into the front of the main float.


Accurate or not, I decided that I wanted to do the cockpit in an aotake finish. What works best for me is a light coat or two of Model master "metallic interior blue" enamel over a coat of aluminum. Here I have a light coat of Model Master Acryl aluminum down on the cockpit pieces. I've discovered it is best to let acryl cure before I put a coat of enamel paint on top of it, so it is sitting over night.



Boy its a good thing I finally used up the last of my Tamiya extra thin, or I would probably be tinkering with this thing till 6AM.

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It sure is a change from the typical dull greens and grays, isn't it?

Anyways, it now has a coat of semi-gloss lacqure drying on it, (the MM metalic interior blue drys to a nice, smooth gloss finish) then the pit will be ready for detail painting.

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