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Operational Briefing (aka The rules)

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Welcome to the Graveyard Shift, a group build for aircraft optimized for operation at night / low visibility conditions.

This includes night fighters that hunt other aircraft in the dark as well as bombers and attack aircraft that use the dark for concealment to protect them from conventional fighters / anti-aircraft.

The majority of the subjects will be from the early 1960s and earlier, as the capability to operate at night and bad weather became a common feature of later military aircraft. The "all weather fighters" of the 1950s and 60s are typically acceptable as in most cases they were still a specialized aircraft made to operate in conditions of low visibility and of lower performance than pure day fighters.

In the later period it becomes a little more murky, but there are some modern aircraft that do meet the criteria. Stealth aircraft like the F-117 Nighthawk and B-2 Spirit which use their shape and special materials to defeat radar but also continue to utilize the dark to conceal themselves from sight. Other examples would be the F-111 Aardvark, A-6 Intruder and F/A-18D which were fully capable during daylight hours, but included enhanced detection technology to identify ground targets who were using the darkness as cover.

Other than that the rules are pretty simple

Kits with a small amount of work done before the GB start are ok, but it should be a trivial amount compared to the whole process.

The aircraft in question should be more capable than its contemporaries to conduct its mission at night / bad weather, although extensive documented use in the role may allow for an exception (For example the Soviet Po-2 was not made for working at night, but it was heavily used for night harassment bombing during WW2 and Korea).

What ifs, paper projects and prototype aircraft are allowed.

Start a build post and provide periodic updates. A short history of the subject is encouraged.

Multiple entries are allowed, it is the builders choice to start a separate post for each or combine them in one post.

Prizes.... None, just the smiling faces of yourself and the other participants.

If there are any questions this is the place to ask.

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