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1/72 Academy F-8E

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Another build I hope to finish is 1/72 scale Academy F-8E in the livery of VMFA(aw)-235.


I'm going to use those awesome kit decals.


Crusader looks awesome in these markings. Plus some bombs. Plus some dirt. :wub:

Thanks for stopping by.

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So, after taking like a million years to decide wheter to fold the wings or not, or to put the wing up or not, I've finally managed to make some progress.

I've settled on an armed, wing down/unfolded configuration, which is how I'd picture USMC bird. It also took some time to find out, what configuration of flaps would be appropriate. On most pics I've found, LE flaps were in up position, while TE flaps were down. So this is what I'm going for :)


I've fitted most of the pieces inside the fuselage... oh man it's tight!


Voila, looks almost like a Crusader ;)


I'm having two minor issues right now. Wing hump won't sit flush with the fuselage. I've sanded down the fuselage where the wing will be attached a bit, and It's better, but I'd like much better fit on the joint between the hump and the fuselage.

Second one...


It seems there was a problem with molding one of the sprues. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to repair it. I'm thinking some damage during landing or something like that...

I guess that's it for now, I hope to have some more progress by the end of the week.

Thanks for stopping by! :cheers:

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Out of the 30-some Vietnam-era aircraft I've built, that kit remains my favorite. I had very few fit problems (although I went with "wing raised"). I don't remember having any problem with the kit decals. Good luck!

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Gotta say, the Crusader looks awesome with wings on :) Can't really figure out how did Vought came up with A-7... Wish Academy did a F-8C...


Ready for painting!


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Finally some progres on my Crusader :) I've sprayed some paint on :nanner::banana: Yea!


It already looks better :D Of course a minor accident happened, masking tape lifted all the paint from MLG doors, but that's because I forgot to sand the surface a bit. Acrylics don't like glossy surface apparently. After I fix this, it will recieve some decals :D

Untill next time folks!

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Calling it done!

Gotta say, of all my builds in this GB, this one I like the most:) Cartograf decals were awesome to work with. I've had no problem during decaling. I was going for weathered look seen on Death Angels Crusaders. The only thing I've had issue with was the gloss coat, I wanted white to be semi gloss, while it came out closer to matt. Not really a big issue, but I did the same on my previous Navy birds and it came out just the way I wanted.








Looks like one happy Crusader ;)/>

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