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Su-27 Flanker Reference Photo DVD

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Does anyone know if there is still a source for the images contained on the Su-27 Flanker DVD from aircraftphoto.ru? I bought it as a download about six or seven years ago. Now for some reason I can't open the program to view the files. I still really want these and would happily pay the original creator or whoever holds the rights to them but I'd really prefer not to have to deal with that cumbersome image viewer format.

-About twenty minutes later...

Well, I'm dumb. The old version of flash it required was right there in the download so I solved my first problem. However, if someone knows a legal source for these photos without this viewer I'd still be grateful. I'm not looking for a handout. I'd pay for them I just REALLY dislike the interface. Thanks.

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What Su-27 reference DVD you are talking about? I've never heard of one. I sure would appreciate the info as I too am a big fan of Su-27 jet.

Here is a link to the ARC review. I'm not sure how long it's been since it was available but I bought my copy back in 2007. The photos on it are AMAZING but the program you have to use to view them really sucks. If you post a want to buy maybe someone has a copy they'd part with.


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Shane, thanks for the link. It's to bad that they used a program that is not people friendly. Perhaps, someone should contact the company or photographer and see if that can be changed to better software upload.

That would be great but I'd be surprised if he's still selling them. The political climate is very, very different now from what it was ten years ago. Somehow I kind of doubt the Russian Air Force would be too chuffed about one of their Airmen selling pictures of their interceptor bases. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it and he just lost interest.

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This DVD now not in sale even in Russia, at my look you better try to find "second hand", maybe on Ebay. As i know main reason for close this sales were dozen unautorized copies of this DVD. Some persons were made tracker copies and sell link to password to this copy, so sells original DVDs reduced to wery low lewel.

About political climate - many photos of new aircrafts and bases are still published.

BTW it is US company PayPal close some opportunities for russian companies for online trade, but main service still working, many russian and ukranian companies still sell models and accesories for western customers.

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