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Monogram 1/72 F-82 Twin Mustang

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I've decided to start off with a Monogram F-82 Twin Mustang. I remember building this kit as a kid, so it has been around a while.

The F-82 was initially designed as a long range escort fighter for use in the Pacific. The war ended before the fighter was delivered but due to delays in jet powered night fighters, and the short range of jet fighters, the F-82 found a new role replacing the P-61 as the USAF's primary night fighter / all weather interceptor as well as being used in its original role as a long range escort.

F-82s stationed in Japan scored the first US air to air victories in the Korean war, and it continued to serve as a night fighter and long range night / all weather strike aircraft through 1951 when jet night fighters began to arrive.



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One of the squadrons I was in, the 5th F.I.S. flew them for a while. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any pictures or decals. I have the kit and it is a goon one, especially for its time.

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I thought I had some aftermarket decals, but I'm not finding them. Luckily the kit decals look to be in good shape, they just don't give any details as to the history of the markings, unit, date etc.

I probably built this kit more than 30 years ago, I don't recall any issues with it. The kit I have appears to be a re-issue from 2000. I have 2 more in the stash one appears to be an '84 Monogram re-issue and another is a RoG boxing from '94. The instructions in the '84 kit include both 1984 and 1973 copyrights so I assume 1973 was the first issue of this kit.

The 2 Monogram kits include the same decals, the RoG kit actually has the most interesting markings, but the decal sheet does not seem to be as well done, and the girl on the nose art is just a flesh colored more or less women shaped blob, no detail at all.

A plus for the Monogram markings besides being better quality, they represent what is believed to be the aircraft used to score the first US air to air kill in the Korean War. Strangely nothing in the kit indicates this, I had to google the tail number to find that out.

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the Print Scale sheet 72-067 has the RoG subject plus others but don't know the quality. I had a Stuka sheet from them and the decals were very ridged. I couldn't get them to conform at all to the sides of the fuselage. This could be a much newer sheet and not have the same issues the Stuka sheet has.


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How did you get a copy of that sheet? It has the markings for the 5th. I was in this squadron in the 80s and have been looking for decals for many of their aircraft.

I tried following the links but was blocked from contacting them with e-mail.

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