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1/35 HH-60H Rescue Hawk Conversion

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1/35 HH-60H Rescue Hawk CSAR/SEAL platform converted from Army UH-60 Black Hawk variant


-started May 2014 and completed September 2015

-parts from 6 Academy 1/35 MH-60 Black Hawk/Knight Hawk donor kits

-detailed with parts from multiple Eduard MH-60G, UH-60L, and MH-60S photoetched brass sets

-detailed with Grandt Line bolt heads, True Details Resin couplers, and Meng bolt heads throughout

-airframe surface details composed of Archer Fine Transfers rivets, Verlinden phototetched brass fasteners, and Lion Roar photoetched brass screw heads

-Cobra Company resin intakes

-reworked fuselage and tailboom to represent navalized airframe

-folded tail and stabilator

-scratchbuilt cockpit

-scratchbuilt landing gear with Royale Resin wheels

-scratchbuilt cabin interior with Meng and Live Resin accessories

-scratchbuilt cabin electronics racks

-rebuilt rotor head with folded blades

-scratchbuilt transmission

-reworked hydraulic deck cowl

-rebuilt HIRSS exhausts with scratchbuilt baffles

-scratchbuilt weapons pylons

-scratchbuilt fuel tank

-Hellfire rack from Hapdong 1/35 AH-64D Apache

-Live Resin M134 miniguns with scratchbuilt mounts and spent shell chutes

-scratchbuilt cargo hook

-MV lenses used for lower fuselage landing lights

-CMK resin navigation lights

-numerous details scratchbuilt from styrene and brass throughout


-Testors Model Master and Metalizer enamels

-Tamiya TS-13 Gloss

-Combination of Tamiya TS-80 and Testors Model Master Flat Lacquer

-Alclad metal and candy colors for Disco Ball IR jammer


-markings assembled from assorted Furball Aero Design, Superscale, and Authentic Decals sheets


-MiG Pigments

-AK Interactive Pigments and enamel washes

-silver colored pencil

-airbrushed fading and corrosion control spot painting









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Well, I think I'll go back to snap together helicopters now. That thing is so stinking awesome. Great, outstanding, and a very well done job!!!

PS- I for one would love to see some construction pics--Please??? Especially the HIRSS exhaust modification!


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WOW, beautifull work

I'm just a little frustrated...you know, I'm close to be old now...

Can we have pics with double that size ?

in order to enjoy even more ?


wants a bigger candy

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