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Question about Italeri's 1/72 Hercules C-130J boxing

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12 09 2015

Hi guys

A quick question please about this kit. I was building a stretched -J (a C-130j-30) and had to leave it to focus on university studies. Now that that has been done I can get back to the Herk. The question I have is regarding the engine nacelle fitting to the wings, from where I need to start again.

I'm using Italeri kit number 1255 C-130 J Hercules as the base kit and I have a beautiful set of engine nacelles to attach to the wings. Here's the query:

I had heard, prior to commencing the build, that the engine mounting locations are staggered where they should be actually straight but I don't know if this is the case for this boxing.

So: Is this true? Are the engines staggered and if so what do I do to fix it and which ones are incorrect?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Liam,

This kit uses the older E/H wing so the wing mounts are staggered. You need to either cut the inboard mount back to the wing or add 1/4 to the outboard mount depending on the engines you are using. Best to check refs to see where the prop line is on the fuselage and check which mount is in correct location.

I am building a J and I cut the inboard ones back to the leadinging edge.



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No mate, just sanding dust left in the panel line as I have re-scribed that wing. Looks like I need to run the scriber along a few of the lines before I prime. I still need to do the other one and install the engines which is why this one has stalled.

I am using the Jen's bits engines on this build. I also have the Attack Hobby ones now as well ( I have another couple of C-130Js on the build list after t this one).

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The Italeri C-130E/H kit engines are the short T-56s. The length is still good if you want to do a C-130A. The aftermarket T56 engines I have seen are about 2mm (1/4") longer and are good for C-130E and later variants.

Their AE2000 C-130J model engines look stubby to me. See below, the resin replacement mentioned is a Jen's Bits engine. I have the Attack Models engines as well and they are similar in length to the Jen's Bits part.


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