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Hi guys,

its time to entry this GB!

My first choiice is the Trumpy Super Sabre.Anyway,with other two build on the workbench,I don't know when effectively the build will start...so for now the customary pics of the material I collected.

The well know kit.


Now the AM;here are the Aires' jet exhaust,cockpit and wheel bays in company of the Renaissance Models correct air intake.


The Master Model Pitot tube and IFR tip.


The Eduard PE set.


Finally the decals.The markings came from the Wolfpak' In Country sheet.


That's all for now,thanks for watching.


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Hi guys.

I've strted the build cutting the nose section that will be replaced by the Rennaissance resin one.


After this I passed to the air intake;after joining the two halves,I dry fitted the duct to the model fuselage in order to cut the material in excess.


The nose cut removed more plastic that necessary,so in order to avoid a boring step between the fuselage and the new resin part,I've glued on the latter' rear a plasticard plug reshaped to conform to the intake contour,both internally and externally-


At this point I glued the new Aires NLG bay.What detail!


A correct dry fit help me a lot! This time the resin fit very well and with much less elbow grease that I was accustomed to in the past builds when play with Aires sets.


Finally I "demolished" the kit MLG bay in order to accomadate the Aires one.


That's all for now,next I will glue the wheel bays ( I hope that fit like the nose one) and start the cockpit and exhaust.

Thanks all for watching,


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Thanks Thad!

The today progress.

With the various sub-assemlby that this build require for the Aires set,I focused to obtain the best fit possible.

With this in mind I start thinning the pit sidewalls 'till almost transparency.My brand new Dremel was a great step forward for this!


Fortunately,the dry fit show only minimal problem,all regarding the "turtle deck".



That's all for now,see you soon!


This allow me to paint the grey of the pit with a first basic hilight job of the details.I'm continuing the painting in this very moments!




I also glued the fuselage's MLG bay.Naturally this need the thinning of the fuselage but I was a bit too enthusiastic with the Dremel and as result I create some gaps...exactly the opposite of the Aires!

Ok some plasticard and the problem was solved.


Not a news,but the details are like always top notch with Aires!


Note that I've glued the speedbrake at this point.


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Good day gauys.

Is almost a month from my last post so this morning I want update the topic.

Well,the cockpit its finished and look this way...


...and these're the sidewalls and the seat.


At this point I added the cannon barrels.


The new nose.The plastic plug worked fine to solve the correct lenght issue from the cut,but left anyway a tedious step that I filled with CA glue and talc powder.


So I glued the fuselage,filled,sanded and rescribed the panel lines,in short nothing of new.


At this point I've also added the tail's AN/APR-25/26 RHAW antenna and other small details.


After this,I started the fight with the wing.

As usual fit the Aires bays with the kit was hard;I thinned the wings and glued the resin.In order to strenght the join I used epoxy glue instead of the plastic one and add the control surfaces that Trumpy supplied as separate pieces.But what a nasty fit!

I had to revert to the melted sprue to fill all and start a very boring rescribing step...

Check the wing on the right.


But the final result is acceptable after all.


But the thinned wing don't react well to the scriber and I drilled one wing,So,I had to fix the fix with plasticard and CA glue,


To relax a little my mind I decided to start detailing the Landing gear.The nose one have the oleo compressed so I decided to fix it but the carpet monster claimed the lower part...So I scratched all the area from the oleo strut down to the wheels bolting point.Also this is part of our hobbie right?

Also.I added some Eduard PE at the inner side og the MLG doors and ,externally,rescribed the hinged part.


In this very moment I'm busy with the fit of the wings/fuselage,a lot of plasticard and putty to fill the gaps,I cross the finger...

Thanks for look and feel free to comment,

more pics soon!


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Thanks guys!

Rich,I airbrushed only the grey part of the cockpit and some shadow,all the other detail was simply handbrushed with Vallejo and Citadel acrilics.Same for the bang seat.

Today I've almost finished to work out one of the wing so more pics ASAP.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Good night all guys.

In the last post I said that I'm busy correct the wings/fuselage gaps and this is what I obtained.


Satisfied of the result,I added some detail in the slats area as for reference.


I added the RHAWS blister under the nose and,taking advantage of the aibrush loaded with Alclad White Aluminium,I painted the intake air duct and with my surprise there I don't note ant problem,feww!!!


So I moved in ther rear fuselage.Checking the ref pics,I noted that when F-100s were parked, the hydraulic pressure bled off and the stabilator’s trailing edge drooped downwards toward the ground.

To depict this, I filled the kit attachment point slots and drilled a new hole to accept a pivot made from metal rod.

Also I adeed some rivets in the fuselage AB section.



Moving to the pit,I glued in place the IP and the dshboard followed by some scratch parts to depict the EW' modification instrument ( RHAWS scope,threat lights) ...


...and painted all.


End part one


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Part two.

Now was time of check the canopy.

First,I used the Eduard PE for the area attached directely to the canopy and added some extra details from scratch.Also I used a pair of brass rod to add strenght to the open canopy.


And with some paint.


And a dry fit of the clear parts.


To relax a little both the mind and the eyes,I start work on the load out and painted the napalm canister.


And now start to look like an F-100 after all!




Now I need to glue and fill the windshield and after check all with the primer.

Thanks for watching,


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Thanks all guys,too kind!

During the windshield dry fit I was amazed how reduced was the forward visibility for the pilot,very good that the top brass retired the huns from misiion "up North"!

In this moment I'm working on the canopy details and the ordnance ( and this of the Skyhawk gor the A-4 GB).

See you soon,


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Hi all my friends;

the windshield is glued and sanded flush with the fuselage.

I used CA glue both to glue and fill the part.


After this,I applied the Alclad grey primer polished with the same brand cloaths.At this point I applied some gloss black to the engine metallic areas and as preshadow.


I choose to use the Alclad white aluminium and stainless steel for the AB section.


In this build I used for the first time the Alclad Hotmetal shade for the tipical burned effect of the metals and wow!

I spent a lot of time studying my ref pics to determine what color use and where.

First I masked the part I will left in the original base colors and started work with the Sepia .


After this,I sprayed some Magnesium to obtain the tipical aspect of the very final parts of the AB area and applied the Hot Blue ( probably I little overdo this effect,who do you think? ) and finally the Hot Violet;from the pics I elaborated that this color will be used principally where the Blue and Sepia overlap each other, and this is the result. Sorry for the pics but I'd some problem with the reflaction...Also,I don't like how the pics look in general and assure that from real the metal look WAAAYYY better!


And as bonus I finished the napalm tanks.


Actually the metal areas are masked in preparation of the camo colors.

Like always thanks for watching.

Gianni :cheers:/>

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Hi all people!

Ok,in the past days my airbrush was kept busy,as I worked incessantly on a medieval war horse for a collector and the camouflages for both my A-4 and F-100,but finally the basic color are on the model!

The pics.





As visible,some painting job was necessary in areas like gear and speedbrake wells,cannon panel,dielectrical ,etc...but before continue in something else I need to do the step that scar me more of all,the scorched effect of the AB' fuselage section...I cross my fingers!

Like always thanks for watching and feel free of comment!


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Hi all mates,

the model is ready for the decals!

Since tha last post I've painted the wheels bays,the cannon muzzle panel and some minor fix here and there.

After all the painting I airbrushed some Alclad Aqua Gloss,and now look this way.



Ok ok the belly shot is overexposed,I know,sorry!


Here how the AB section's scorched paint turned out,who do you think?


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