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The Tamiya kit came out about 30 or more years ago, sometime in the early 70s I think.

The academy kit is a upgraded version with armor shields, armored fuel tank, bigger weapons, mesh for chain link fencing, at least one civilian figure and a few other things.

We had earlier versions, probably Army cast-offs like our rifle mounted grenade launchers.

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Thanks guys,

Ikar is right, the Academy kit is kinda a copy of Tamiya kit, simillar break down of parts but with more option, I will start a M113 first, I will use the Tamiya chassis and maybe add one of the Academy's Turret...

work already started on the wheels, will update some photo soon..

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Thanks ikar, Painted the interior with lighter shade of Sky + WHite, and the floor received a wash. I do not plan to detail the interior , as I want to close most of the hatches,will not install the beautiful engine too..

the decal is useless now, torn and won't separate from the backing paper. look like I will do without.


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The I.D. plates and the carbon monoxide warning was about all we had with the exception of a marking here and there saying where things like ammo cans should be tied down. They would have been ruined in no time if they followed them.

The outside markings as you see fit can be made from scrap decals, done by hand or just not used and maybe scrapes on the armor where they would have been.

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Guys, thanks, I will use the extra from the Acadamy for the outside marking..

anyway, construction completed, the tamiya armor kit is quite a joy to build.less seam to be fill compare to aircraft. heading for paint shop soon

I also try to modify the arms of the crew.. let se how it turn out.


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One thing I just remembered with driver's compartment.

there was a thin ring of material attached to the opening. It was set just below the rim so the hatch would have clearance and not wreck it. There wasn't much padding, say about 1/8 of a inch or so, but it was better than bumping into metal. It was black and after a while it showed creases and wear damage. It was only a felt type material in a rubberized package.

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Thanks for the info Ikar..I am adding the driver figure to hide most of the opening.

and the driver arms are done with the adding of epoxy putty, I think I gonna add part of the lower body next.


The M113 is primed and pre shaded, I added the Aussie turret fro Academy kit, it fitted nicely, I know there are some differences between the variance, But I will not address it for now.. next painting.


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Painted with various shade of tamiya Olive green + Dark green, Academy instruction called for Forest green instead of the usual OD for Aussie M113, I kinda like the flat tone right now, thinking whether to add a future coat before decal..I will use the Academy decal.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks RKic, always love some figures on my AFV

And the M113 get the Mig powder + water wash..


And result is a bit too heavy for my taste..


and batter after I reduce the effect by rubbing the surface with my finger.


Next , Figures painting with Oil paint

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Thanks again, am new to the pigment weathering, kinda like how it turn out..

and Finally, the M113 is Done. I added the antenna from my guitar string, and the crews in place.





And I also painted a 3rd figure, hopefully have enough mojo to start a simple diorama later...


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