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1/72 Hasegawa F-117A

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Howdy Folks!

It's about time to start my F-117 :) I chose markings from Balkan Models decal sheet, HO 82-0806, shot down over Serbia on 27th march 1999. Mine however will be quite intact ;)


For the build I got myself Aires cockpit and Eduard paint masks.


I hope to have this one started in a couple of days :)

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Frankly, If it wasn't for the additions, I bet that model would be finished by now. Fitting the cockpit was pretty easy, just had to make room for the wheel well on the underside of the resin cockpit.


After that I cut the flaps in order to make them lowered as on a parked bird.


And since I've said 'A', I've had to say 'B' and cut the tail.


Right now I'm filling seams on the underside there was some major missalignment on the lower fuselage/lower wing joint. Probably I've screwed something up fitting the lower fuselage part.

I hope I'll have some more progress by the end of the weekend :) Cheers folks!

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Apparently, I've completed this model. Done exclusively with MM Acryl


I've wanted to have a black finish that wouldn't look so monotone, so I've went over the model with black paint with a few drops of white :)


Of course, I did this only after I've put the canopy on, so the original black paint is still under the teeth of the canopy. Oh well, I'm not going to do anything about it. I've botched the HUD up to a point when I've considered using the kit one. Still, I'm glad I didn't.



Decals were pretty good, they went on without any fuss, and were very thin. All in all, a very enjoyable build.

Thanks for stopping by :cheers:

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