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HobbyBoss 1/48 th F-105D Thunderchief

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This might be a good time to use the SAC landing gear.

I wish you'd piped up with that suggestion before I glued the bejeebers out of the gear leg and door.

I probably have built 7 or 8 Monogram-105's (20 years or so ago) and never had a problem with the gear breaking. The SAC stuff is just pot metal castings of the kit parts and are kinda bendy.

The landing gear are a very weak point in this build. The fit of the tab on the gear leg into the slot in the upper wing was not very tight and not too loose. I used TETC to glue them in place and let them dry overnight. I placed the kit on its legs for the first time yesterday morning and they failed. I have since glued them in place with CA glue and accelerator with the hopes that this will make the join strong enough to support the model. The weight I put in has nothing to do with this problem. It's well enough forward that it's not causing the problem. I guess using SAC white metal landing gear might be the way to go with this kit. The way the nose gear assembly is built up causes it to be very strong and it supports the weight in the nose quite easily. It may be at the point where I have to fabricate some kind of cradle to carry the weight of the kit in order to keep the main gear legs and wheels just touching the ground. I'll see shortly when I attempt to place her on her legs again.

I did post a note in 'The Spares Box' forum seeking assistance in obtaining a replacement main canopy. No joy though. Although it is masked for painting, I have a very strong suspicion that it is hooped. I saw evidence of a crack on the top at the back of the canopy and I'm not sure how far forward it extends.

Yup. The main canopy is shot. There is a large and very noticeable crack right down the middle. It can't be salvaged. :bandhead2::deadhorse1:

Is it done yet? :)

Pretty close, Pete. The only things left to do are paint the fuel dump red, add the pitot tube to the nose and add the wingtip lights. I'll post some photos this afternoon.


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Well...this thing is finally finished, kind of. The only thing missing is the main canopy glass. It's toast and has been deposited into the waste receptacle beside the bench. This isn't a kit I would have bought for myself. As stated, it is over-engineered in my opinion. For the most part, the fit of parts together was not too bad, except for the clear glass parts and the main landing gear mounts to the wing. Some parts were attached with tabs into slots while others had simple butt joints only. I think Hobby Boss should have engineered a stronger tab into slot design for the main landing gear. They could have used the same diameter of the main gear leg mounted into a slot of similar diameter. Instead, they chose to narrow and square off the mounting tab in order to mate it into a square box. As posted above, Scale Aircraft Conversion or G-Factor (if they make legs for this kit) are the way to go.

While building this kit and going through my trials and tribulations, I got a lot of feedback and encouragement from those who checked in. For that, I thank you. I've also heard good things about the Monogram 48th scale F-105D. As the Canadian government was seriously considering the Thud as a replacement for our Sabres, I might just go out and pick up the Revell kit and do an RCAF what if mock up.

Anyway, enough blabbering. A couple of photos here and more in the DEROS thread. To the moderators and those who helped and encouraged me along the way, thank you very much. Hopefully...some day...I'll be able to find a main canopy glass the fully, not kind of, finish off this kit.





and pardon the fancy stands! :woot.gif:


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