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Resistance X-Wing

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I saw these new level 1 kits at my LHS yesterday and thought I would give one of them a try. I wasn't expecting very much when I bought it but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. These kits are definitely aimed at the kids and I think they are perfect for that. They are easy to put together (snap) and they have sounds. The details are soft but they are great play value for kids.

It only took about 10 minutes to put it together. After that I put a couple of washes over it and I picked out some details with a silver pencil. A piece of wood from the junk bin was used for the base. I like the trailer with the X-Wings flying in low over the water so that is what I went for. I put a thin coat of Bondo over the wood to make the basic water shape. After that I used some Woodland Scenics Water Effects to make the waves. Some paint and some white dry brushing and it is done. There is no pilot for the kit so I guess the droid is doing a ferry flight.







If you are looking for a good stress relief or get my modeling mojo back build give one of these a try.


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For a quick-and-dirty build that came out wonderfully! Top job on the finish and the base.

The wings certainly do look stubby compared to my memory of what they look like in the trailers....I guess I'll HAVE to watch them again to double-check :rofl:

I'm very hopeful these kits will get more kids into modelling once the movie's released, the ease of build and electronics are very cool to see.

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That design is based on Ralph McQuarrie's original artwork, I believe:


You can see an X-Wing in the background of this shot:


The designers and model builders made changes, some of which were required to get the motors and lighting in. I guess J. J. Abrams decided to go back to that design now that we have the technology to support it.

Here's a shot from a promo piece, and it looks pretty stubby there to me too:


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