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Malaysian F/A-18D Hornets

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As I understand it, Malaysian F/A-18D Hornets are late Hornets with the chaff/flare buckets and the block on the main gear doors. Being that I'd like to try my hand at one of these Malaysian bugs the question is, where can I find these details? Are there any boxings of the 1/48 Hasegawa kit that has them? If no, are there any aftermarket sets available I can use?

Thanks much!


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In case you've not sorted out the decals yet, F4Dable is doing two sheets for the Malaysian Hornets in 1/48:

Born in the U.S.A.! – Part 1: TUDM F/A-18D Hornet

TUDM Hornet – Pilot Edition (2003)

Another possibility is to buy the generic markings from Puszer Aneh Productions: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234979227-tudm-royal-malaysian-air-force-insignia-codes-no-scale-puszer-aneh-productions/



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The Malaysian F/A-18D Hornets have been upgraded in the last few years, and also have the bird slicer IFF antennas on the nose.

The Wolfpack late F/A-18C/D update set will provide what you need for this build.

Generally speaking the Malaysian aircraft were more or less equivalent to USN/USMC Lot 17 or Lot 18 jets. I've been told that the only difference hardware-wise is the radio sets installed.

What probably makes the Malaysian jets stand out would be the overall FS36118 scheme, and the weapons initially operated - AIM-9P-4's, AIM-7M's, CRV-7 rocket pods, AGM-65's, AGM-84's and GBU-12's.

I contracts for newer armaments like the AIM-9X and AIM-120 have been signed, but it is rare to see a Malaysian jet armed.

The usual airshow static display load-out were a pair of AIM-9L/M (training rounds only), an AIM-7M and either a AGM-84 or GBU-12.

I should point out that the jets appear to be in the process of being repainted. I'm not sure of the FS number, but it is probably the same gray as the Malaysian Hawk 108/208, MiG-29N and Su-30MKM's.


Jason C.


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Thanks very much, Jason! I was looking at your site hoping I could find some aftermarket items with the parts I needed in 1/48. Thankfully, the Wolfpack set has what I need.

And yes, it's the color scheme what attracted me to these birds. Just love seeing these Hornets in the Gunship Grey scheme.

In your opinion, should I add the bird slices on the nose? I don't have the decals on hand yet so I'm not sure I need to based on the markings (and time period) the decals represent.


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From what I was told, the RMAF Hornet fleet eventually be repainted FS26173. At the moment, I believe 2 have been repainted while 6 others remain gunship grey. The repainted pair have been updated, but I have no idea if the others have gone through the update.

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Does anyone have pictures of the repainted jets? I did a Malaysian Hornet in Gunship grey a few years back, but it would be really nice to display one in the new colors as well... :)

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