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All my life I've seen this steel non-slip surface texture, usually on utility vehicles, loading docks and similar. I'm sure you've all seen it as well.

Trouble is, I have no idea what it's called! So I can't do searches to see if it's available in 1/25 sheet styrene, like Evergreen plastic or something.


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There are a number of PE options out there, a few sizes from Plastruct, and Aber do it in 3D decal form. Look for 'diamond plate' or 'tread plate', as mentioned above. 1/25 is kinda variable, since it comes in different sizes in real life. Best to just go with whatever looks appropriate to your application.

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I believe it is called embossed sheet metal or just non-slip plate. HLJ did have a metal plating that would replicate the appearance of that material. Sadly they don't have it in stock at present time. Plastistruct does sell sheets that replicate diamond and tread type embossed metal (see item numbers ps-148 through ps-159).


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Diamond plate is the common term, tread plate is another but can take other forms than the raised diamond shapes (raised lines, cross hatching, circles etc).

Plastruct offers several varieties, but you can't go by their listed scale so it is best if you can get it from someplace where you can physically paw the product. I think the last time I bought it the HO scale tread plate was the best match for 1/25. They also offer a variety of patterns, not just the common alternating diamonds.

On modern vehicles it is often bare aluminum, older vehicles typically used painted steel.

There are alternatives to Plastruct but I've found that to be the best value giving you 2 large 8x11" (ish) sheets, many of the alternatives are 4x6" at the same or greater price. As a fire apparatus modeler I go through a fair bit of the stuff.

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Check the scale fire apparatus model web sites - sorry I don't have any saved on this computer - as diamond plate is a typical add on to scale fire trucks, etc. and you can usually find someone with it available.

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