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Russian Air Strikes in Syria

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On the face of it, Russian technology looks quite impressive. Good thing is they have full spectrum of weapons and use their own satellites for GPS.

At this moment, they have 9 satellites trained on Syria which gives their military real time surveillance of targets.

I don't know what Russia is doing but they aren't using their own satellites for GPS because GPS is a USAF system. They have their own system but it isn't GPS. The Russian system flys in a highly elliptical orbit to optimize coverage over Russia so it likely isn't as efficient in lower latitudes. Also having 9 satellites trained on Syria isn't possible unless they are geosynchronous and recon satellites are typically in a sun synchronous polar orbit so they can't be trained on one location.

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Russian aircrews are using handheld, Garmin-like GPS units.

Check Out The Walmart-Grade GPS Systems In These Russian Attack Jets


Russians are using unguided bombs, even dropped from helicopters. They have guided munitions, but they're not using them. Instead, they're dropping "dumb bombs" in the hopes of hitting their targets because they're cheaper than using guided weapons. Russia is fighting this war on the cheap.

You gotta love good old fashioned carpet bombing.

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This isn't unique to them. Here's the cockpit of the Brazilian Skyhawks:
Yup, and that's not the only such cockpit. There are similar photos of Zimbabwean Hawks and K-8s with GPS-hand-helds installed, even of Syrian MiG-23s...

BUT, Brazilians (and most of others) do not carpet-bomb Syrian civilians and then lie that they are 'bombing Daesh'.

Russians do.

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This isn't unique to them. Here's the cockpit of the Brazilian Skyhawks:


Only difference is the Brazilians are not using said Skyhawk to bomb point targets in heavily populated areas. I read (and reminded again and again here on ARC) about that horrible US strike on a hospital in Afghanistan. A huge mistake that demands severe action be taken on those involved. Yet I see very little angst about another "superpower" that is carpet bombing civilian areas ala "Rolling Thunder - 2015". Pretty disturbing.

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thanks again for all those Russian hardware small videos.

those are rather instructive as there wasn't plenty of russian ground crew working around combat aircrafts videos before their Syria campaign.

and, in this video, it's the first time i see that there is some covers on R-73 front fins also. (not just on the front sensor)

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