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Military collectors

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I'm sure there are plenty of us here that collect Military relics. What do you collect and maybe share pictures. I collect a little of everything, but I tend to be drawn towards German navy; Kieserlichemarine, Riechsmarine, or Kriegsmarine. I'll post some pictures of my collection when I get a chance, but what do you collect?


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Some things I used back in the 70s. A training M-26 grenade, dummy 40mm low velocity grenade, helmet with Vietnam cammoflage cover and band a set of jungle fatigues with all my markings on it, boots, and patches of all the squadrons that I had been in as well as sets of fatigue stripes and name tapes.

a few examples:






Then there's the things I have from my Father:




The top item is a old bayonet he found while in Europe during the war.

The next two were German. I was told that the decoration on denotes the Luftwaffe, while the other one is Police.

The survival knife is mine.

The framed display was my Father's. The 60 Fighter Squadron is from the 80s and when we redo the display it will be replaced with the original patch that he designed back then after seeing Dumbo. The collar brass and dog tags are different from what is now used and possibly from back then. The brass isn't smooth but has a diamond pattern with a bump in the middle of each one and one dog tag has his home address on it.

One medal had the remmagen bridge on it, denoting that he was in Europe. If you turn it around, Mt. Fuji is shown, making it a dual theater medal. You were given whatever theater you were in.

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Where's good locations to find period patches and whatnots from WWII? If love to find some 15th af 483rd big stuff but every time I've looked on eBay nothing comes up. Not sure where else to look.

Would desperately love to find a period 817th sqn Mammy Yokum patch. That was my grandfathers unit and I would definitely invest in making a period looking jacket.

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I'm lucky and have a good dealer in firearms and militaria near my house, and the two guys that run it are really stand up people, unfortunately, their web site sucks. But they do hold monthly auctions on proxibid. I get some things online, but not much, I like to be able to personally inspect stuff. There are a lot of fakes out there, and a lot of them are really good.

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