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Hello all,

As the mod is alowing what-ifs and experimental types I'm this GB, I have decided to build what used to be one of my favorite models when I was a kid.

Testors' F-19 came out in the mid 1980s and is said to have been the world's best selling model. The speculative design's similarities to what would be the f-117 garnered a congressional hearing.

I was about 10 or 11 when I saw the kit at a Toys r' Us (remember those glory days?) And HAD to have it. Mom said no, and when I saved up the chore money to get it, it was gone.

Some years later I got a copy of the f-19 flight sim game from Microprose (remember THOSE glory days??), but I never got the model until I traded it for a revell JU-88 (Thanks, Modelpig!!). It arrived at my door this morning, and I decided to launch right into the build.


You get some nice bits in the box, but I decided to augment the kit with a few parts from a dead Revell F-18E.

As usual, I started with the landing gear. The hornet like gear legs come in 3 pieces, and I added a few more from the Revell kit after cleaning up the pesky midline seem.


That's all for now, but stay tuned for more. The build shouldn't take long at all.

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Hey ikar, those loom cool. Almost apocalyptic somehow.

I did a bit more work on mine too.

Testors give you some nice cockpit detail, but I added a little bit more. More for poops and giggles than any other reason. I built up bulkheads ocn the sides and back, and added some, uhm....data link cables? With serial ports at the end?

This plane feels like it should have a dot matrix printer on board somewhere :)/>


And with paint.


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They can be fun. I got the original idea during a class at the local college. One project was to come up with an idea for a business and make the add and its artwork. I had heard a commercial for one of those flying dog fight companies and decided to try the same thing, more of less.

I turned the high flying attack aircraft into a low level strike skimmer that had been used it some conflicts and were retired, stripped and then bought for civilian use. I may have to revive the concept and its name and build one or two.

The one on the maintenance stand took 3rd in its category at the nationals we had here back in the 90s.

You should see what I did to Revell's high technology bomber

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Finally getting back to this one.

I like the exhaust system that testors designed. There are the two little inserts, which go behind the framing bit.

It looks cool and high techie, and a little drybrushing gives it a spark of detail.



Once those were done it was a quick matter to get to this stage. Tail root fit was pretty poor. The other line of filler is over a run-away panel line.


I'm not sure what possessed me to scribe in panel lines. Dumb.

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