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HMS X.1 Cruiser Submarine 1/350 scale

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She's launched!!!

This is my conversion (more of a scratch-build really) using the Mikro-Mir K-Class kit to make the one-off cruiser submarine with twin turrets mounting 5.2in guns - HMS X.1.

I lengthened and widened the K4 hull and scratched the casing, bridge and gun turrets - with Milliput for the bulged bow...

More photos and WIP here.






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Looks great :thumbsup: ! I love your display bases as well. Very tasteful and enhance the models presentation.

Thanks for sharing and happy modeling!



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I am a member of the Chatham Dockyard Historic Society, and we are currently working towards having a small exhibition on HM submarine X1 for the 100th anniversary of her launch in 1923. We are searching for a model of the sub and looking on  your website Flankerman made one in 2015 and we would like the opportunity to contact to see if we could loan the model for display.

Can you help?

tony england


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