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Ray Harryhousen: Special Effects Titan

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I just watched this on Netflix and if you are a fan of Harryhousen movies this is a must see. It came out in 2011 but I had never heard of it until now. In the documentary Harryhousen talks about how he got started and then they move along chronologically through his movies. Every one who is anyone in Hollywood as far as directors and special effects people are in this and they all talk about how Harryhousen played a part in getting them interested in making movies and his influences in their movies. Numerous Props, filming methods, behind the scenes,out takes, etc. are shown. I just thought I would let any fans know that it is out there and definitely worth watching.

I think I will go dig out a Sinbad DVD.


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I saw this one a couple years ago..absolutely a must-see! It's still in my Netflix queue..I may have to watch it again. Harryhausen was the absolute master of stop-motion. My favorite movie of his (and since his work was the real start I consider it "his" movie) was "Valley of Gwangi." I used to catch it occasionally on TV as a kid, when I was at the height of my Dinosaur Phase. The physiology and movement of the dinos aren't really accurate by today's standards (the T.Rex-ish theropod lumbers along in an upright posture dragging his tail) but the effects were state of the art for the time and still hold up pretty well today..particularly the scene where real actors on horseback lasso the dino from multiple angles. The documentary goes into detail about how they coordinated the live action sequences and composited in the stop motion later. It was probably the most believable depiction of dinos on film until Jurassic Park came along some 25 years later.

Even though CGI has replaced stop-motion, Pixar gave Harryhausen a little shout-out in "Monster's Inc." naming a swanky restaurant in the film after him.


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