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Ok, folks, JAXCON 2016 has been in the planning stages for a couple of months now, and shortly I will update our club website with the details of this year's show.

I can tell you right now that it will be a "themed" show, recognizing the 75th anniversary of NAS Jacksonville. All that really means is our awards for this year will be designed to pay tribute to NAS JAX, and we will have a special award for subjects associated with the base. The contest overall remains the same with all of our regular categories, with a couple of slight refinements. Civil will be broken up into airliners and everything else, and the scale separation for subs will be "1/350 and smaller", and1/351 and larger. Last year, the scale breakout was 1/72, and we had big 1/144 subs competing with 1/700 subs, and no 1/72 subs showed up, IIRC.

You can also count on the return of the JAXCON commemorative pin. That was a BIG hit last year. Everyone wanted one and we ran out. We are going to increase our order this year and the goal is to give one to every entrant and every vendor.

Once we get the awards in, I will post pics of them on the club facebook page and let you guys know. We also are trying to work on little "something something" extra . Can't announce that yet because I am not sure we can pull it off. Stay tuned.


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